Man Breaks Through Frozen River To Save Dog

A Russian man is probably still trying to get warm after this heroic rescue of a dog from a frozen river.

The video was covered by Russian media and translated by Reddit user iiRunner. The explanation, which jibes with Google Translate, is below:

The cameraman was driving and pulled over for 3 guys with the broken car. While they were talking, they spotted something struggling in the river. A bystander, Ivan of 21 years, jumped in and rescued a stray dog. When they got to the shore, the dog was scared and took off. Ivan works at the local wood cutting company.

He was not accepted into the military due to his heart condition, but still jumped into the freezing water.

Ivan warmed up a bit in the car and then asked the guys to buy him some vodka to warm up more. They drove to the grocery store where they saw the dog again. It was a sign from above. They bought some vodka for Ivan, sausage for the dog, named him Rex, and Ivan took him. Let’s wish long years for both of them. After such an extreme experience, they won’t part.

Homepage photo by Dakana

Sean McCoy

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