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Patagonia Gets Deep in ‘The Meaningless Pursuit of Snow’

Backcountry skiers will climb for hours on end just to have a few minutes of descent. Why? Patagonia delves into this existential question in a film following five backcountry fanatics.

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Over 1 million Americans engage in backcountry skiing every year. They are the die-hards, the explorers, the fanatics. They are the kind of skiers who are willing to put it all on the line, and who enjoy “type 2” fun. The sport is growing faster than it ever has before. More people are venturing out into the backcountry across the U.S. than ever.

The lingering existential question is: Why? What’s the point of putting in so much effort, weighing so much risk, to go up, just so you can come back down? To the alien eye, it would seem like a meaningless pursuit.

Patagonia delves deep into that outstanding mystery in its feature-length film, The Meaningless Pursuit of Snow. The film follows five dedicated backcountry skiers from around the world, to find out what keeps them climbing. For some, it’s the connection to nature. For others, it’s the backcountry skiing community or the joy of struggle.

But across the board, it’s something spiritual and intangible. It’s something beautiful they can’t easily describe. And it’s something they intend to pursue for the rest of their waking lives.

For more videos and feature films from Patagonia, check out the brand’s YouTube page.

Runtime: 65 minutes

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