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Pit Viper Synthesizer Combines Goggles, Sunglasses Into a Party on Your Face

They aren't goggles, and they aren't glasses ... so what are they? Pit Viper calls them the Synthesizer.

Pit Viper Synthesizer(Photo/Pit Viper)
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Synthesizers are electronic musical instruments that produce a variety of sounds by combining signals of different frequencies. It’s what gave the Monkees and Diana Ross & the Supremes their early edge. It’s also what Pit Viper is calling its latest and greatest retro style of sunnies. They combine the iconic look of the brand’s wraparound retro glasses, with the function of a ski goggle.

The Synthesizer is the latest addition to Pit Viper’s lineup of ski, bike, and party sunglasses and goggles. And it’s the first time they’ve, well, synthesized the two styles. They’re a lot like glacier goggles and are meant for similar activities. But these have a very Pit Viper twist.

Pit Viper Synthesizer
(Photo/Pit Viper)

“These aren’t sunglasses. These aren’t goggles.” Pit Viper’s website describes them. “These are gogglasses, or was it goggasses? Suggles? Wait, what are we calling these? That’s right … The Synthesizer.”

The Synthesizer features a 1.8mm polycarbonate smoke lens with an anti-fog coating and 100% UVA and UVB protection. A removable foam gasket design is clearly borrowed from ski goggles. That helps block wind and absorb forehead sweat or tears of joy as you shred those fields of dreamy pow. The glasses-goggles also feature a removable rubber nosepiece that will grip your schnoz and prevent slippage.

Pit Viper is offering the Synthesizer in four styles: Standard, Mangrove, Shaboom, and Son of Peach. They retail on the brand’s gloriously retro website for $130.

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