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Pret Lyric X2 Ski Helmet Review: Comfort, Breathability, and Odor-Fighting Tech

If you tend to be quite sweaty, the Pret Lyric X2 ski and snowboard helmet will save you from having a smelly, rank helmet.
pret lyric x2 helmet review(Photo/Mattie Schuler)
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A ski and snowboard helmet with double the antimicrobial tech means this safety accessory should endure multiple seasons. No matter how much you like hike-to terrain or how much you road trip to get to the chair lift, you likely won’t need a snow helmet replacement due to grunginess. Two technologies are incorporated into the foam and the liner of the Pret Lyric X2, plus other details that stood out during field tests.

With this Pret, the protection includes MIPS technology and an in-mold, multi-shell construction for durability. Despite the protection and features like a magnetic buckle and a dial fit system, the Pret Lyric X2 helmet is very lightweight and provides all-day comfort.

In short: The Pret Lyric X2 ($160) is a lightweight helmet with MIPS protective technology. The design keeps your head dry and odor-free even on warm, sweaty days and with a relatively affordable tag.

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Pret Lyric X2 Helmet


  • Weight 15.8 oz.
  • Protection MIPS
  • Number of vents 12
  • Features Fidlock magnetic buckle, dial-fit system, Ionic+ antimicrobial liner
  • Size range S to L
  • Number of color options 7


  • Snap closure for goggle retainer
  • Easy-to-use Fidlock magnetic buckle
  • Good hearing with warm ear pads


  • Vents are semi-adjustable by changing the liner

Pret Lyric X2 Helmet Review

Pret, based in Park City, Utah, was founded on making reliable snowsports helmets. With the Lyric X2, you get another leading blueprint with a middle-of-the-road price point, and it doesn’t skimp on any features.

For additional protection, MIPS (multidirectional impact system) is incorporated to help curb the severity of impacts from all directions. Although I didn’t take any falls to test this, MIPS has proven to be a reputable protection system in third-party lab tests and among researchers.

The Lyric X2 meets the safety standard of helmets for nonmotorized, recreational snowsports from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F2040). This model also uses an in-mold multishell construction (for a lower weight) with overlapping polycarbonate shells (for added durability and protection). Simply put, that all means more defense for your noggin against falls and impacts. 

To test the Pret Lyric X2, I wore it on multiple snowboarding days at Colorado ski resorts. I’ve been snowboarding for 20 years and have tested dozens of helmets over the past decade. I’m quite picky and very dialed in with what works, what doesn’t, and what is a must-have.

back vents on pret lyric x2 helmet
Back vents: Pret Lyric X2 helmet; (photo/Mattie Schuler)

Fit and Feel

This Pret Lyric X2 is a very light helmet. It weighs 15.8 ounces, which is about the weight of a regular can of soup. That means that my head always felt comfortable throughout the entire day of sporting the Pret Lyric X2. I had no pain or aches on my head from any pressure points or in my neck from a cumbersome helmet.

Another comfort: The construction of the dial-fit system in conjunction with the padded liner. I could tighten the dial fit system quite a bit to get a secure fit, but zero plastic protrusions stuck into my head, thanks to the ample cushioning.

I enjoyed the ear pads, which provide plush coverage, and the interior Ionic+ lining is soft and slightly squishy. The top of the lining is mesh so that your head can breathe a bit. There are two cutouts in the back of the padding that align with the two backside vents, as well. I liked that the liner is easy to remove (which helps with manually closing or opening the vents) and washed well.

pret lyric x2 helmet vents
Vents: Pret Lyric X2 helmet; (photo/Mattie Schuler)

Warmth and Breathability

On the mountain, the Pret Lyric X2 protected my ears and head, maintaining a comfortable temperature. I never felt too hot or cold, whether it was 30 degrees and sunny at Keystone Ski Resort or windy and snowing at Eldora Mountain — which is notoriously super-windy and very cold.

Although the vents are not easily changeable — you need to remove your helmet, pull out the liner, and flip over fabric flaps that cover the six vent holes on top or two in the front — I never found that to be an issue. In fact, I kept the vents closed the whole time and still felt like my head could breathe.

Even when I hiked to the top of back bowls at various ski resorts and built up a sweat, air could circulate through the front vents to the top and back. I never felt too hot. There are two front vents and six ones on top that are manually adjustable plus four stationary ones on the back.

The ear pads were also cozy and kept the wind out. They are slightly plush with a soft fleece fabric and have a small mesh circle with three small holes for superb audibility.

You can quickly pop an audio system into the ear pads or remove the ear pads altogether. They easily detach from the liner that surrounds the dial fit system and could be seamlessly pulled out. When testing for wind with a blow dryer, I could feel no wind coming through the two front vents or near my ears beneath the ear pads.

close up of the goggle retainer pret lyric x2 helmet
The goggle retainer of the Pret Lyric X2 helmet; (photo/Mattie Schuler)

Antimicrobial Technology and Features

My favorite feature on the Pret Lyric X2 is the snap closure on the goggle retainer. During the shake test, the goggles were not even close to falling off since the snap stayed tight the whole time. All of the ski goggles I wore — like the Smith Squad Mag goggles, Giro Article II goggles, Zeal Cloudfall goggles, and Anon M4S — fit well with this helmet. Each of those goggles comfortably paired with the Lyric with no goggle gap.

Pret also incorporates Haleo antimicrobial EPS foam, which helps prevent bacterial growth. Unlike other helmets that aim to reduce odors, Haleo protection is constructed into the foam versus being a coating that could wear off. Haleo is made to sanitize, disinfect, and eliminate odors.

Paired with the Ionic+ liner — an anti-odor, antimicrobial fabric — the design can help keep your helmet from turning into a rank-smelling mess. And so far in testing this season, my helmet smells as fresh as when I first put it on. Even after I hiked to the Serenity Bowl off of Peak 6 at Breckinridge Ski Resort and definitely worked up a sweat.

Other features that stand out are the Fidlock magnetic buckle for one-handed use and easy on-and-off. A piece of soft fleece is fully wrapped around the chin strap. There are seven color options, which each include two-tone details plus other bright patterns like paisley blue and rainbow stripes from Pret ambassador Caroline Gleich, a professional skier and mountaineer.


The Pret Lyric X2 has six vents on top and two in the front of the helmet that are sort of adjustable. There isn’t a slider or dial, so it’s not the most accessible form of adjustability, especially on the fly, like when you’re on the chair lift or when it’s windy or freezing out.

If you remove the liner, you can flip over small pieces of fabric to cover or uncover the vents. So, it’s not super-technical and not easily usable, since you need to remove the helmet in order to adjust the vents. However, I still found that this helmet was breathable overall, even when the inner flaps covered the vents.

woman wearing pret lyric x2 helmet and zeal goggles
Pret Lyric X2 helmet and Zeal goggles; (photo/Mattie Schuler)

Pret Lyric X2: Conclusion

If you sweat a lot, the Pret Lyric X2 will be your new favorite helmet. Its circulation system allows for smooth airflow from front to back. The vents are technically adjustable, but you need to take the helmet off to close or open them.

Wearing the Pret Lyric X2 never left me feeling too hot or cold. It’s lightweight, at 15.8 ounces. So I felt comfortable all day and didn’t work up a sweat wearing a clunky helmet. Even if you do sweat a lot, the Haleo EPS foam paired with an antimicrobial liner. Meaning, no matter how hard you work, you can keep smelling fresh and clean for the whole season and beyond.

I appreciate that the design offers MIPS protection and generally love all the features including the magnetic buckle, dial fit system, and the snap closure to hold my goggles in place. The Pret Lyric X2 is a solid option and carries a fair price point for a ski and snowboard helmet.

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