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Down The Hatch! Made-For-Skis ‘Shotzski’ For Happy Hour At Lodge

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Snow sports professionals put a Shotzski to the test SIA Snow Show

If you’ve spent any time in a ski town, you’ve probably seen the weird creation that is a “shot ski” in action. Being America, it’s not surprising that someone has capitalized upon the concept.

For the uninitiated, a shot ski is a ski (usually old, downhill) that holds several shot glasses that are either glued on or slid into drilled-out holes in the ski. An equal number of shot takers line up on the ski, glasses filled with firewater, and it’s a simultaneous bottoms up!

The Shotzski Boot and Binding System is a new way to mount shot glasses on skis. Sold individually ($25) or as a pack of four ($95), the Shotzski WT-66 Binding is a plastic mount that holds a ski-boot-shape shot glass. It is also available in a more expensive aluminum version.

A Shotzski four pack

The bindings simply adhere to any ski to hold the glasses. The glasses can be removed from the bindings easily for washing (one of the drawbacks of old-school glued-on shot glasses is they are hard to wash).

While $95 might seem a little steep for a few plastic parts, it’s worth noting that the owner of the company said he produces and sources the product entirely in the USA.

I played with the Shotzski at the SIA Snow Show where it drew quite a crowd. A group of outdoor industry folks tried it out with some whiskey and it seemed effective.

If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your parties, check the Shotzski out. Just don’t blame me if you miss first chair. —Sean McCoy

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