Worst Crash of My Season: Caught in an Avalanche

Watch the clip to hear a skier’s perspective on what it’s like to get caught in an avalanche — and survive.

Matchstick Productions’ “Return to Send’er” ski movie is an awesome display of big-mountain skiing. But it’s also a good reminder that there’s more to the mountains than just the snow on the surface.

In this behind-the-scenes clip, skier Flo Goeller walks us through the avalanche he was caught in, his crash, and how to stay safe on the mountains.

As he dropped into his last line on the left side of Rumford Ridge in British Columbia, a huge slab of snow broke off and sent him cascading down the slope. He tumbled at least 50 feet, but the impact was soft, and he was able to ski off the mountain.

Whether you’re small-mountain resort skiing or big-mountain heliskiing, your safety is always important to keep in mind.

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