J Skis Bob Ross Skis

Bob Ross Skis: Shred ‘Happy Little Trees’ With Limited-Edition Design

Tease out your hairdo, put on your biggest smile, and act fast — there are only 450 pairs of these happy little skis available.

From public television darling to Netflix pop icon, painter Bob Ross may soon become the next big thing in skiing. Ross, who died in 1995, inexplicably launched into posthumous superstardom after his 30-year-old PBS show, “Beauty Is Everywhere,” became a Netflix phenomenon in 2016.

J Skis Bob Ross Skis

And now, his trademark smiling face will grace a super-limited edition of J Skis Allplay skis.

J Skis Bob Ross Skis

“I’ve wanted to create a Bob Ross ski graphic for as long as I can remember, and it’s finally here,” J Ski founder Jason Levinthal said. “Due to the gigantic number of Bob Ross fans — aka all humans — this ski will likely sell out faster than any ski I’ve ever made.”

But they haven’t sold out yet! J Ski made just 450 pairs of The Joy of Skiing skis. This special edition decorates the brand’s Allplay skis (119-98-117), built for groomers and pow. The skis come in 157-184cm lengths and cost $599.

So what are you waiting for? As Bob Ross would say, “Let’s get crazy — there’s nothing wrong with having a tree ski as a friend.”

Adam Ruggiero

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