Minting Women’s Place in Snowboarding: Jess Kimura & Friends Release Final Film ‘The Uninvited III’

One simple idea to feature more women in park and snowboarding has blossomed into the epic ‘Uninvited’ trilogy. Get ready for a showcase of serious snowboard skills like you’ve never seen before.

The final sequel in snowboarder Jess Kimura’s “Uninvited” shredder series, “The Uninvited III” takes a look at some of the best women in snowboarding and some lesser-known stars who have entered the ranks.

Like the two “Uninvited” film cuts before, this final sequel features mostly urban park as well as rail and backyard features. But no matter the environment — powder or not — these pros find a way to shred in style. And shred they do.

The full film is available online now.

Featured riders: Darrah Reid, Henna Ikola, Nora Beck, Maggie Leon, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Naima Antolin, Kaleah Opal, Grace Warner, Alexis Roland, Miyeong “Miyong” Yamaguchi, Taylor Elliot, Himari Takamori, Corinne Pasela, Tsukimi Sato, Yurika Takikawa, and more.

Presented by: The North Face, Ikon Pass, Monster Energy

Runtime: 33 minutes

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