Zone Out to the Sublime Sounds of Splitboarding in ASMR Immersion

ASMR (n): a euphoric tingling sensation felt in response to specific visuals and sounds.

Get down with some splitboarding ASMR therapy in the short and sweet “Split Sound.” Shot in the Tetons and mixed with the audio knobs turned up to 11, the video aims to please multiple senses.

Prolific filmmaker and splitboard freerider Zeppelin Zeerip says zero words as he crunches down steep chutes and swishes through powdered glades.

Hint: Throw on the noise-canceling headphones for maximal therapeutic benefit. I don’t specifically love the sounds of crumpling snow and zipping bindings, but Zeerip knows what he’s doing. I feel a lot better now — albeit sleepy.

Maybe dreams of auditory-rich splitboarding await.

Runtime: 1 minute, 29 seconds

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