Brush Up on Your Avi Group Rescue Skills With BCA Video

Safety survival experts John Conway and Bruce Edgerly explain and act out an avalanche rescue operation involving more than one rescuer.

The recent uptick in winter temps and the explosion of newcomers onto the snowsports scene mean that avalanches are more likely than ever. Whether you’re a professional responder or a recreational snow-goer, knowing how to perform rescue operations when an avalanche impacts your area is critical.

In less than 9 minutes, the Backcountry Access team breaks down essential technical terms and covers the critical elements of proper avalanche group rescue operations, such as:

  • Initial response protocol
  • Establishment and coordination of search strips (“lane discipline”)
  • When to begin the targeted search
  • How to manage “rogue signals”
  • Best practices for leadership and communication while on the avalanche debris pile
  • Active rescue and patient assessment protocol

BCA cautions that the video is not a substitute for live training and education. It further encourages viewers to “practice skills with your companions and seek formal education with a certified provider.”

A list of certified avalanche rescue and wilderness rescue instructors is available at BCA’s Avalanche Courses page.

This tutorial is just the latest entry to BCA’s growing library of resources for wilderness responders. For more like it, head to the group’s Videos page.

Runtime: 8.5 minutes

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