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Weazy Davis Chucks a Double-Flat Spin Off a Gnarly 70-Footer in ‘Anywhere From Here’

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The 24-year-old New Zealander pulled out all the stops on Matchstick Production’s latest film, sending a huge double flat spin off of a 70-foot cliff — without planning it.

Sam Cohen and Craig “Weazy Davis” Murray were standing on top of a ridge together looking at a cliff. Cohen was talking through how he wanted to hit the feature, verbalizing his own thoughts and thought process. Beside him, Weazy Davis was listening intently.

The cliff was a 70-foot monster, surrounded on all sides by perfect powder. Even for the professional skiers, it was intimidating.

The two talked only briefly about how they’d approach the cliff — and launch off of it — before Cohen got on the radio and said that Weazy Davis was “taking this one.” And for Davis, at that point, there was no turning back. The pressure was on. The cameras were rolling. And he was on the spot.

So he dropped in. But as he approached the cliff, he realized it was far gnarlier than he’d anticipated.

“Dropping in I was just planning to do a down-the-pipe flat three, but as I was coming into it, I realized it was pretty blind and likely going to drop away and just shoot me out of a canon,” Weazy Davis recalled. “So just a couple meters before the takeoff, I just decided to go for two.”

And go for it, he did. He sent it hard and nailed a perfect 70-foot dub-flat spin. And everyone on the team lost their minds.

It proves Weazy Davis’ rule of thumb: “When in trouble, attack the double.”

The dub-flat was one of the coolest parts of the Alaska segment from Matchstick Productions’ latest film, Anywhere From Here.

Runtime: 4.5 minutes

Hoji in "Anywhere from Here"; (Photo/Matchstick Productions)

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