Dovetail - Workwear for Women

Dovetail Launches ‘Exclusively Women’s Workwear’ Brand

Tradeswomen rejoice: For the first time, there’s a line of durable and stylish workwear made specifically for you.

Dovetail - USA Designed Workwear for Women

If you’ve ever tried to find work clothes that stand up to the rigors of daily use while properly fitting the female form, then you know there haven’t been many options available.

But one women-owned brand based in Oregon is looking to change that. Previously operating under the name Moxie and Moss Workwear, the company announced a rebranding to Dovetail Workwear and plans for an extended line of women’s workwear.

With the relaunch, Dovetail Workwear claims it will be the “first national exclusive women’s workwear brand.” While other workwear brands with women at the focus are uncommon, they are out there. Red Ants Pants, for example, founded in 2006 as a women-only brand of made-in-USA canvas duck pants, vests, and more.

Workwear for Women

Dovetail - USA Designed Workwear for Women - Utility PantsDovetail’s fall 2018 collection includes utility pants, overalls, a work shirt, and knit shirts. And proving it really understands workers’ needs, the brand will also include accessories like knee pads and leather work gloves in the line.

Beginning this year, Dovetail will move from its direct-to-consumer model to retail locations across the U.S. and Canada. The company’s upcoming products will include stretch denim and canvas materials, and range in sizes 000 to 18.

“We are really proud of how we are striving to fit all types of women,” co-founder Kyle Marie Begley said in a press release. “Whether you’re a rugged welder, field scientist, or studio artist, our democratic fit, high-quality stretch fabrics, and pocket and pattern features translate throughout every part of a woman’s day.”

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Dovetail Women’s Workwear

Brought together by a personal need, the women at Dovetail really do get it. Working in the landscape industry, Kate Day and Kyle Marie Begley were frustrated with the lack of work clothing options. Their regular jeans couldn’t stand up to wet and dirty conditions, but men’s workwear didn’t fit right.

Upon meeting apparel expert Sara Deluca, the three teamed up to change the workwear industry. With the launch of the Maven work pant (think Carhartt with more style and a female-specific fit), the trio knew they’d struck a cord – every production run quickly sold out.

And this is no accident. Dovetail works closely with field testers to develop products that truly work. It aims to combine durability, style, and function in every product made.

Female artists, construction workers, farmers, mechanics, firefighters, and other workers no longer have to choose between hard-working and good-looking.

Dovetail work pants start at $89, and tops range from $32 to $89. Everything is currently available in the online shop and the brand plans for wider distribution in the future.

We’ll be putting Dovetail’s workwear for women to the test in the coming months and will report back.

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