Strapless: Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Works With Heart Rate Monitor

This sports bra released in late 2014 might be the first mention of Victoria’s Secret in the history of GearJunkie, but the renowned lingerie company has stepped up with unique design worthy of noting for female athletes.

The Victoria’s Secret’s Incredible sports bra comes outfitted with sensors in the fabric and an HRT housing on the front elastic just below the sternum.

It’s not the only HRT-compatible sports bra on the market, but an interesting tech departure for a brand known for intimate apparel, a “compelling” catalogue and glitzy fashion shows.

A heart rate monitor isn’t included, but the attachments look to be the standard size, and Victoria’s Secret claims that it will work with “most” heart rate monitors.

It sells for $72.50 at Could be a great way to ditch that extra strap, or a great gift for Valentine’s Day.