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New Folding Saw Sets Up In Seconds

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Folding saws have been around for decades, but a smart design by Canadian company Agawa Canyon eliminates loose parts, sets up in seconds and is a solid product for campers, hunters and others who need an easy-to-pack, quick-to-assemble blade.

Editor’s Note: Read the full review on the Agawa Canyon Boreal 21.

It sells for a premium $64 Canadian (about $60 USD) for a base model during online.

While $60 is on the high end even for a quality saw, few changes have been made in the folding bow saw in decades, so it’s definitely worth consideration.

For comparison, the Sven Saw is a longtime standard in folding saws. It has a similar design made with aluminum alloy that folds to protect the blade, weighs 1lb, 1oz for a 21-inch model and costs $37 from REI.

The most apparent difference in the Agawa Canyon design is the elimination of removable parts that could get lost and the Borealis’ nearly instant setup through an origami-like fold. The Borealis appears to have a slightly more robust construction although I haven’t yet held one in my hands.

Agawa Canyon claims the Boreal21 improves upon the competition through simplicity of setup/takedown, automatic blade tensioning, secure parts, easy blade replacement and quality materials. Clearance geometry allows the user to cut up to 6” logs straight through.

It is made of extruded and anodized aluminum frame, nylon handle with stainless steel hardware and weighs 1 pound. It is sold with one of three blades for different conditions. An optional sheath brings the price up to $77.

For those willing to pay a premium for the quick setup and high-end components, the Boreal21 looks solid and functional. We look forward to testing the saw to see if it lives up to all the manufacturer’s promises.

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