Avoid Accidental Nudity With Mobile Changing Room

Spend enough time changing outdoors, and someone’s bound to see you naked. If this is a concern to you, read on.


When it’s just you and a spouse or some close friends, it doesn’t matter.

If you’re at a public pool or beach, it’s a one-way ticket to having to tell all your neighbors that you’re now a sex offender.

Changing in a public restroom? Doing so without letting any of your clothes touch anything is more of a magic act than keeping a towel around your waist without exposing the crown jewels to the family in the car next to you.

Tarp Solution

Tirai, a Minnesota-based Kickstarter project, aims to do away with all of this with a tarp that attaches to the back of an SUV or minivan to create a spacious and portable changing room.

The tarps will be made in the USA, and they attach to vehicles with magnets and suction cups.

It sports wind vents and anchors at ground level to keep a strong breeze from blowing your privacy away. When done, it packs up to about the size of a laptop.


The Tirai was made mainly to give parents a place for their kids to change, but it looks like it could be useful for surfers, swimmers, or runners who need a quick costume change after a workout.

The Kickstarter launched today, and the company plans to ship the product at the end of September. A $65 pledge gets you a Tirai in orange or blue, but if you’re a badass you can kick down $87 and snag the camo motif.

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Billy Brown

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