Watch Western States Ultrarunners Discuss Head Game for Finishing 100 Miles

Watch three of adidas’ most accomplished female runners answer the age-old question: Why the hell would you run 100 miles?

Maybe you missed the memo, but ultramarathons aren’t easy. At four times the distance of the mythic 26-mile run from Greek history, these epics require more than just physical ability.

The latest vid from adidas asks three of its best female runners to explain their drive for the sport leading up to the Western States 100. Why do they run ultramarathons? And what does it take to finish?

“I think often we relate success to winning or getting on the podium,” said Ruth Croft, who placed second last year and finished this year in record time. “But for me personally it would be racing my ass off, being in a good head space and having fun.”

Runtime: 5 minutes

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