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Finally, Women’s Workwear Made to Fit a Woman’s Body: The Dovetail Britt Utility Pants Review

Long gone are the days when women who need quality workwear have to shimmy into pants made for men. Dovetail created a line of women’s workwear that actually fits a woman’s body and looks flattering to boot.
(Photo/Constance Mahoney)
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Growing up as the youngest child and the fifth generation on our family ranch in Montana, I received a lot of hand-me-downs. Rarely did I receive anything new, especially work clothes. By the time clothes reached me, there were already a few holes and lots of stains, and they never actually fit me well.

I grew up thinking this was normal. I watched my mom struggle to find work pants that were comfortable and fit correctly. Most of the time, we girls opted to wear the size that fit in the waist but were oversized everywhere else. Sometimes, this created a work hazard. It was hard to be nimble around cows when your pants wouldn’t allow you to move freely. 

I’m grateful for companies like Dovetail, who recognized that this long-standing problem was still an issue. Not only are the Britt Utility work pants created for women’s bodies, but the brand’s entire line is made specifically for us gals.

I knew these were different the moment I tried them on. I didn’t have to squeeze my butt in, and they sat comfortably on my hips. The legs were not too baggy and offered many practical pockets and tool loops. There were the pants of my 16-year-old dreams. 

In short: The Dovetail Britt Utility Pants are my dream work pants. With a wide variety of sizing options, I can find what best fits my body. These pants have 11 (yup, 11!) usable pockets, and the durable canvas protects my legs while allowing freedom of movement. These are my go-to work pants for most seasons.

The Britt Utility Pants have been our Best Overall award winner for multiple years running now. To see how the rest of our women’s workwear closet stacks up, check out GearJunkie’s Best Work Pants for Women Buyer’s Guide.

Dovetail Britt Utility


  • Material 99% cotton, 1% spandex
  • Pockets 11
  • Knee pad slots Yes
  • Inseam 28", 30", 32", 34", 36"
  • Size 000-24
  • Colors available 10 across different fabric types


  • Broad size range to fit any body
  • 11(!) pockets
  • Rugged duck canvas material
  • Ample crotch gusset doesn't limit mobility
  • Knee slots for cushion


  • Extended break-in period
  • On the pricier side

Dovetail Britt Utility: Review


The author jumps into the cab of a farm truck in the Dovetail Britt Utility Pants
Workwear for women can be tough to come by, but Dovetail has made it its North Star; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Dovetail was founded in 2018 in Portland, Ore. Its primary goal is to make women’s workwear for women, by women, and with women. Courtesy of a lot of elbow grease and a “fabric fairy,” the brand soon became the largest exclusively women’s workwear brand in the Northern Hemisphere.

With an extensive sizing selection, inseams, and styles, it’s no wonder Dovetail has grown so quickly. And with all these options, it is like purchasing a custom-made pant for your body! 

I’m not kidding when I say these are my dream work pants. I’ve burned through a lot of pants in my day, and they are still part of my everyday uniform as I work as a property manager in the Colorado Rockies. I need pants that fit well and won’t break down mid-season.

These pants have gone with me from climbing under homes through crawl spaces, shoveling snow, planting flower beds, to cutting and stacking firewood. These pants work with my body, not against it, allowing me to focus on my job and not keeping my britches up.

First Impressions: Women’s-Specific Sizing Done Right

A farmer shovels dirt beneath a machine to sort potatoes
No more ‘making it work’ with the Britt Utility pants — the broad size range will fit most gals; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

One of my favorite things about the Britt Utility pants (besides all the pockets) is all the size options. Ranging from 000 to 24 and inseam lengths from 28 to 36, working women will be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t fit. I ordered true to size, and after the break-in period, they were slightly loose, though nothing a belt can’t handle.

You may consider sizing down, but be aware that if you do opt to size down, the break-in period may be a tad more uncomfortable. The heavy-duty duck canvas is 99% cotton and 1% spandex. It doesn’t have too much stretch but offers enough to count. They get softer and softer with each wash without losing durability.

I went for a little longer inseam, so when I wear my work boots, the pants are still long enough. The straight-leg cut is flattering and widens out at the bottom, comfortably fitting over work boots. At the hemline, they have thoughtfully placed an extra-tough reinforced cuff on the heel side. Finally, no more frayed seams!

Pockets: A Working Girl’s Best Friend

A detail on the rear zippered pocket on the Britt Pants
There’s no shortage of smart storage on these pants; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Now, let’s talk pockets. I love pockets, but only if they are useful. Women’s pants are notorious for having impractical pockets. Not the Britt Utility pants, though! They boast 11 pockets (including a zippered one), a hip clip, and a tool loop.

Basically, these pants are a wearable toolbox or a built-in toolbelt — I like either one! The pockets were helpful in all different working scenarios. The zippered pocket kept my coffee cash secure, and I was able to fit all my fencing tools in the pockets, only needing to carry the staple bucket.

Freedom to Move With a Gusseted Crotch

The author leans down to pick potatoes from the ground
Material stretch is limited, but a smart cut well makes up for it; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Another feature that I appreciated was the gusseted crotch. A seemingly small detail with a big impact. It allows me to freely swing my legs over fences or squat down without feeling constricted.

In previous pants I have worn, the first place to get holes is in the crotch. Between the pressure on the seams (without a gusset) and my legs rubbing together, it was a high-friction area that never held up.

While there isn’t much stretch to these pants (1% spandex content), this added material helps to shore up the stretch where it’s needed, and the articulated knees are another high point. Even when kneeling down to pull weeds or gather potatoes, I had full mobility where I needed it.

Durability Through the Seams

A detail of the double knee fabric on the Britt Pants
Double-front knees both take the brunt of abuse and conceal knee pad slots; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

The Britt Utility has reinforced seams along the high-stressed areas and articulated knees with a double-layer front panel running from mid-thigh to just below the knee, creating additional protection. And for even more protection, the knees have a slot for knee pads, perfect for those digging in the dirt days. 

As mentioned previously, the cuffs are doubled up and absorb all of the fray-inducing damage that kicking around a farm typically attracts. This greatly extends the durability of these pants and makes cuff-rolling a thing of the past.

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My Experience With the Britt

The author bends down to move irrigation pipe in the Dovetail Britt Pants
The fit on the Dovetail Britt — and indeed the rest of the Dovetail line — make all the difference in finding workwear that actually works; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

The fit is the first thing that drew me to the Dovetail Britt Utility Pants. They have so many options to fit many different body shapes and sizes. Once I was able to try them on, I knew they were different. They are softer than traditional canvas work pants but still require a short break-in time. As a bonus, they seem to get softer and softer after each wash without losing their shape.

I use them for my everyday work pants as a property manager. They have protected my legs while crawling under homes to swap out sump pumps and moved with me as I climb ladders. The pockets are incredibly useful and have held my tools while fencing and various shop work.

Most recently, I brought them to my sister’s farm to help ship out potatoes. They are comfortable for long days on my feet, and I never worry about them getting saggy by the end of the day. 

Price Is the Only Thing to Consider

A farmer holds all of the tools necessary to mend fences
While work pants are typically in the ‘buy cheap, run hard’ camp, the Britt Utility Pants can keep going season after season; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

As my favorite and go-to work pants, there honestly isn’t much I would change. The design, resilience, and practicality of the pockets are exceptional. The only downside is the price; nevertheless, given the meticulous craftsmanship invested in these pants, they’re undeniably worth the cost.

While the basic canvas cut of these pants goes for $99, the tougher and warmer denim or insulated thermal cuts can cost up to $129 — meaning you won’t have to sell the farm to get a hold of these, but they are an investment for something that typically only lasts a season.

Dovetail Britt Utility: Conclusion

A woman wearing the Dovetail Britt Utility pants surveys a field
The Dovetail Britt Utility Pants are just about everything I’ve been looking for in a pair of work pants; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

The Dovetail Britt Utility Pants are best suited for any woman looking for a high-quality, durable work pant that actually fits. These are my most recommended pants when I am talking to women in the market for workwear. They truly can do it all. They are made to last, fit, and look good!  

Pockets are plentiful, and smart articulation and gusseting has been added where it counts to make farm-ready mobility possible. Between the added front-of-leg patches and the cuff reinforcements, you won’t be blowing these pants out prematurely, either.

While there are cheaper work pants out there (the Dickies Stretch Double-Front Duck Carpenter Pants are one to consider, at $50 a pop), you’ll undoubtedly be tied to the “run into the ground and replace” cycle. For those who know what they like and want to stick with it, the investment in the Britt Utility Pants is a no-brainer.

From the fields to the shop, these are the pants that get me through the work day — day after day.

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