SCOTTEVEST Travel Boxers

Boxer shorts with a pocket in front — that’s the simple concept behind the SCOTTEVEST Travel Boxers, an underwear design with a slim front pocket for your mp3 player, phone or whatever else you can conjure up. For better or worse, stashing an iPhone in your underwear is now in the realm of the possible.

If you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around the idea, the company’s CEO, Scott Jordan, offers an explanation of sorts: “Like a lot of guys, I sleep with my iPhone on the nightstand. But in between using the phone as a nightlight to find the bathroom, making coffee in the morning and checking my email, there was no place to put my phone.”

Beyond around-the-house use, in a comical video online Jordan claims the boxers can double as regular shorts or even swim trunks for the minimalist traveler. Made from a quick-drying nylon/lycra blend, and bolstered with an anti-odor treatment, the shorts are $20 per pair.

Color choices are black or gray. I’m thinking the Travel Boxer could handily replace the necktie as the go-to holiday gift this year for that brother-in-law you never know what to buy.

—T.C. Worley