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Money Belt to Messenger: Stac Gear Drops Transforming ‘Adventure Pack’

Stac Gear’s ‘Stac Pac’, available on Kickstarter starting July 20, is touted as a ‘5-in-1 all-weather adventure pack.’

Stac Gear is a young outdoor-oriented startup based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s so young, in fact, that the label debuts this week with its Stac Pac, a versatile and heavy-duty convertible bag. The company claims the adventure pack offers multiple technical applications, with a flexible 1-5L capacity.

Let’s take a closer look.

Stac Pac, the 5-in-1 Adventure Pack

“The Stac Pac is an all-weather 5-in-1 adventure pack designed to help you carry everything you need for the day, and nothing you don’t,” said Charlie Parkin, Stac co-founder. “It can be expanded depending on what you need for the trip and then fully packed into its pocket.”

As a road warrior/single dog mom/semineurotic busybody, I regularly juggle essentials between a daypack, crag bag, and a flattering (I hope) fanny pack. And inevitably, something (read: my wallet or keys) gets lost in the mix. I get that it’s a common problem — and apparently, so do the brains behind the Stac Pac.

Stac’s adventure pack, when not in use, collapses down to zero liters so it’s low-profile and easy to stash. From there, users can convert the Pac into any of four active-use configurations:

  • 1L money belt: holds phone, keys, and wallet
  • 3L waist pack: holds up to one 13-in. laptop or tablet and small items
  • 2.5L sling-style pack with a 0.5L drink holster: holds essentials plus a half-liter bottle or two cans
  • 6L messenger/commuter bag
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Stac Pac: Technical Specifications

Sure, a convertible, easy-to-stow bag isn’t the most novel idea to hit the industry.

Admittedly, there isn’t much intel on the material makeup of the pack, or Stac Gear’s sourcing practices. But if Stac can deliver on its Kickstarter promises, the adventure pack might edge out the competition with its rugged-ready build. Its key Pac features include:

  • Waterproofing (waterproof rating not available at this time)
  • Rolltop-style opening for micro-adjustable security of contents
  • Three webbing loops for external lashing
  • Fleece-lined “smart pocket” for tech protection
  • Removable waistband and strap
  • Hydration compartment

Stac Pac: Options, Pricing, & Availability

Currently, the Stac Pac comes in four strap sizes:

  • Small (24-30 in.)
  • Medium (28-36 in.)
  • Large (32-42 in.)
  • Extra large (36-48 in.)

The Stac Gear team notes that “some people will need two waistbands to comfortably wear the pack both on the waist and chest or back.” Customers requiring more than one size have the option of adding an additional waistband to their order.

Following the Kickstarter, the Stac Pac will retail for $95. Until that time, discounted Kickstarter pricing will be in effect. Super Early Bird pledges, placed within the campaign’s first 24 hours, start at close to $50 (£39) per pack. Once in the Early Bird phase, pricing a single adventure pack will command closer to $60 (£45).

Stac estimates its first run of packs will ship in December 2021. For more information, check out the Stac Pac Kickstarter.

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