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Clean Bike Bottle

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Unlike most bike bottles, the Clean Bottle unscrews at the top and at the bottom. The goal? To make cleaning it out easier.

Released in mid-April, initial feedback has been mixed. Some folks are stoked and others believe it addresses a problem that doesn’t exist. One commenter on my preview article asked “[E]ver hear of a bottle brush?”

The Clean Bottle

I’ve been testing a Clean Bike Bottle for more than a month, and my verdict is in: This is the best water bottle on the market. On the bike, it doesn’t leak. The seal on top and bottom is robust. Mixing up a protein shake in the bottle with vigor? Still leak-free. Lay it on its side for a spell and nary a drop escapes.

For cleaning it out, unscrew the top and the bottom and go at it with some suds and a sponge in the sink. In 30 seconds, it’s squeaky clean whether you had protein drink in the bottle or an electrolyte mix. Sure, a brush would work, too. But it would take longer and potentially not be as effective.

My only complaint is that the BPA-free material the bottle is built from is stiffer than most bike bottles. You have to give it a good squeeze to get your liquid out.

At 22-ounces, the Clean Bike Bottle is roughly the same size as most tall bike bottles. And at $10, it’s about the same price.

If your local shop doesn’t carry them, the bottles are also available directly, and the company offers free shipping if you buy more than four.

—Stephen Krcmar

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