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‘Trapped Inn’: The First Cycling Horror Film of All Time?

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What happens if an airborne virus traps you in your rental chalet high in the French mountains as you train for ‘the Tour’?

One possibility: You hang out with your bros and order Postmates until the authorities say it’s safe to go out again.

Another: Total isolation from the outside world leads to poisonous infighting, psychological drama, slasher-style violence, and, ultimately, something that appears synonymous with all-encompassing doom.

“Trapped Inn,” the world’s first cycling horror film to our knowledge, explores that second potentiality.

Teasers for this unlikely Hollywood caper started filtering in as early as summer 2021. And after building up a year’s worth of momentum, it finally premiered at the end of August (per the film’s Instagram account). A cast and crew screening followed on Sept. 20.

Will you ever see this movie? Honestly, there’s no way to tell. It’s on IMDB, so we assume you probably can.

Whether you want to is a different story. Here are some choice nuggets from the trailer (stage directions in bold italics):

Climbing training montage. Cue voiceover.
“So coach, how high up are we?”
“3,000, 4,000 meters.”

No need to pay attention to altitude while you’re altitude training! Cut!

Apprehensively exploring a dark outdoor area with flashlights.
“Think this is ever going to end?”
Cut to a man removing a chef’s knife from a butcher block.
“Everything has to end.”

Yeah. Let us know how this one goes.

Runtime (trailer): 3 minutes

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