Race Faces: ‘Almanzo 100’

Paul Krumrich reported on his experience earlier this week in the ‘Almanzo 100’ Gravel Road Bike Race. Today, we feature some additional photography from the event. These shots, from photographer David Gabrys, were taken during and after this year’s race, a muddy, harsh 100-mile ride where more than 50 percent of the racers dropped out and did not make it to the end. Mud-caked and exhausted, these images give a peek at the toll the Almanzo 100 can take.

All photos (c) David Gabrys

—David Gabrys is a photographer based in Minneapolis. He currently runs 45NRTH, a winter biking brand. For information on the Almanzo 100 race, see the organization’s blog, Almanzo100.blogspot.com.