SAGE Titanium Bikes, Volkl Skis Partner on Cycle-Ski Adventure Film

Watch this for a lighthearted take on what happens when cyclists and skiers unite.

The “Means to Ascend” film follows pro cyclist Maxx Chance and pro skier Johnny Egan as they strap touring skis to their SAGE gravel bikes and attempt to summit Montana’s Mount Blackmore — 100% human-powered.

The north side of Blackmore can be seen from just about anywhere in the city limits of Bozeman, Montana. For Montanans, it’s an iconic beacon of fun for all kinds of backcountry enthusiasts.

During the mud season in April to May, the canyon road that leads to the trailhead is closed to motor vehicles. So, the only way to access the area is by bike. You can guess where this is going.

For this duo, SAGE Titanium’s US-built Storm King was the gravel steed for the approach job, plus Volkl’s new M6 Mantra skis for the descent.

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