Spengle GOLD carbon wheelset

24K Gold: Check Out the ‘World’s Most Expensive Bicycle Wheel’

Twenty-four-karat gold leaf laid over superlight monocoque carbon fiber, Spengle Gold stands as the most extravagant wheelset on the planet.

You don’t have to be a bike nerd to get a kick out of these crazy-ass bike wheels. Swiss high-performance wheel-builder Spengle this month unveiled a product that quite literally sets the gold standard in wheelsets.

Spengle GOLD carbon wheelset

“The bicycle wheel represents a unique visual canvas — kinetic art in its most pure form,” Spengle CEO Pius Brauchart said.

“There’s something very compelling in mixing the traditional craftsmanship of hand-laid gold leaf with cutting-edge materials science, and it has resulted in a visually stunning wheel which will compete at the highest of performance levels and then some.”

Spengle GOLD carbon wheelset

Each Spengle Gold wheelset takes 3 months to build and is made to order. Each set carries Spengle’s three-spoke design in a 650b wheel size — like all Spengle wheels.

And while there’s no word on exact weight, the carbon wheels alone start at 1,950 g.

Looking for a handmade pair of your own? Apply for a loan, because these 24-karat gold leaf (99.9% pure) and carbon wheels cost a jaw-dropping $10,000 per pair. Learn more and order here.

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