The POV of Fear Itself: A Scaredy Cat Goes Trail Riding

Everybody’s got that friend who freaks out when everybody else thinks the scenario is “chill,” right? Answer: yes — either that or you are that friend.

Transition bikes strapped a GoPro to its in-house photographer, Oliver, for a trail ride through some dense sticks. You could call the results relatable.

“Oooohhhhhhhh,” he groans at 4 seconds in. “Here we go again!”

Sound bites remain terrific throughout. A sampler:

  • “Oh, my God! There’s no ground! It’s just roots.”
  • “My hands aren’t strong enough to brake hard enough.”
  • “Can I ride this one? Oh, F********ck! I’m not doin’ it.”

Whether your approach is fearful or full-send, the window into Oliver’s inner monologue is consistently irresistible. This one’s for the weenies.

Runtime: 4 minutes

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