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The 8 Most Badass Expedition Vehicles Of All Time

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[leadin]An industry of off-road luxury has blossomed, including go-anywhere RVs that cost more than an average home. We profile eight of the best here, from post-apocalyptic campers to “rolling McMansions” only a billionaire will buy.[/leadin]


You can dream, right? If you’re like pretty much everyone, you won’t be able to afford any of these RVs. But if you win the lottery… please buy us anything on this page. Here’s our Christmas list.

Post Apocalyptic: Mercedes-Benz Zetros


With origins in disaster relief and military operations, this customized mastodon is an oasis of luxury in a post-apocalyptic world. Equally at home chewing up 80 percent grades as pumping soothing tunes from its Bose surround sound, this rugged party wagon can seat a group of eight. The 300-gallon tank of water, 600-gallon fuel tank, and the backup generator ensures the party can go all week long.

Mobile Command Center: KiraVan Mountain


Throwing moderation to the wind, zillionaire international men of mystery with a hankering for the backcountry experience can now head up their operations from the far corners of Earth in a personal mobile command center. And with no less than four global satellite receivers, you are assured to always know where “business” takes you. Should the proverbial hit the fan, the KiraVan has enough supplies to keep a family of three fortified for weeks.

Camper Maximus: EarthRoamer


Made in ‘Merica, the EarthRoamer is back-road candy for off-road RV’ing. The Ford F-550 chassis carries a brick-ton of custom upgrades, including marine-grade electronics, satellite and internet TV, and rooftop solar panels. It’s so tough that a Chuck Norris warning sensor is included.

Land, Air, Sea: MVP


Storming the backcountry by land and sea, you may want to reach for the stars with the MVP. Part plane, part boat, part camper, if you have a small pond filled with Spanish bouillon, you might as well have an airplane-camper that can land on your own fantasy island.

Fortress Of Solitude: Unicat 

Worried about running out of gas while making a grocery run to Kandahar? Thank your maker that you brought your Unicat. With a 300-gallon fuel tank, it’s a rolling fueling station. And should that fail you, drop the ATV lift and press on… or wait it out. The interior can seat up to seven of your best friends where you can pass time Netflixing reruns on a 46″ HD TV via the included satellite network connection.

Bunker On Wheels: Global Vehicles

Extraordinary circumstances often require extraordinary transportation. Fortunately for people like you, there’s Global Vehicles. Constructed over a veritable suite of chassis, the company pairs vehicles to expedition globe trotters with discriminating taste. And good news for the 2%, the company offers basic models at an entry-level price of merely $150,000.

Rolling McMansion: Marchi Mobile 


Let’s face it, towing Arabian horses to your polo match in Dubai can be so exhausting. But now you can do it in comfort with your own stable. And by stable, we really mean luxurious land yacht. The 40-foot Mobile McMansion is extravagance personified, replete with a pop-out roof-top bar. Of course, the royal touch comes at a cool $3 million.

Tactical All Terrain: Oshkosh L-ATV


The Humvee was your daddy’s war vehicle. Today’s soldier can finally look forward to an Ooh-Rah upgrade. Just this month the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program awarded Oshkosh the contract for mass production. Outfitted with its “Core 1080 Crew Protection System,” it maintains the agility of the Humvee with beefed-up walls and floor for antiballistic protection. Now you can outrun your foes and bash through their minefields, too.

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