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Space Camper: Meet the Cybertruck’s ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Add-On

Space CamperA mobile workstation to field calls from anywhere, anytime; (photo/Space Camper)
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Another concept for Tesla’s Cybertruck has emerged and is purported to be your ultimate adventure accessory — no mods required.

Space Camper, a pop-top truck camper, is reservable now and “ready to go when you are.” But that all hinges on whether Cybertruck is even a reality at all. Both are still vaporware, but the concepts are fun to investigate if you’re an overlander or camping fan.

Tesla Pop-Up Camper: What to Expect

According to Space Campers, you can “pull up anywhere and set up camp in minutes, with a flip of a switch our air-powered actuators that use your truck’s onboard compressor to open or retract your camper. The wedge style offers plenty of headroom and pairs with our built-in awning for a spacious feel that holds its own against the elements.”

Space Camper
Hitting the open road with your Space Camper, where the sky really is the limit; (photo/Space Camper)

Space Camper for Cybertruck Specs

  • Adjustable awning
  • Air-powered: Pneumatic cylinders drive your roof and bed, so you don’t have to worry about straining yourself or balancing roof loads.
  • Bed steps: Built-in steps on both your camper’s side walls make for easy bed access.
  • Roof runners
  • Detachable bed: The Murphy-style bed rests on detachable hinges to quickly convert into an exterior table.
  • Versatile extensions: Multifunctional extensions are easily stored at the foot of your bed and double as tables and benches.
  • Electrical outlets: Your camper comes with four electrical outlets, USB, and 12V/24V ports. Power your coffeepot, phone charger, speakers, etc.
  • Routing pathways: Out-of-sight routing pathways allow you to run wires and plumbing to your accessories efficiently with minimal modifications.

Space Camper
The Murphy bed can move outside for optimum lounge-time, wherever you land; (photo/Space Camper)

Reserve, Pricing, and Availability

For a mere 100 bucks down, you can lock in your Space Camper as a project funding Space Cadet and get one of these campers when the fourth installment finally (if ever) ships out.

Space Camper
A sleek, two-tone Tesla Cyber Truck, outfitted with a Space Camper; (photo/Space Camper)

Don’t want to wait? Plop down a cool $10k and become a Space Baller. You’ll ensure you get the first round of the Space Camper as soon as they’re manufactured.

When the Cybertruck rolls out, so will your Space Camper. At least 2 months after receiving your truck, the company expects to have your camper ready.

Space Camper
Watching “Back to the Future” in your futuristic Space Camper could be a reality someday; (photo/Space Camper)

It is important to note that there is no official launch date for Telsa’s Cybertruck. Therefore, there is no official release date for the Space Camper. That means the likelihood of you taking work calls from this thing is as possible as us taking calls from Mars right now.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, as the Space Campers are currently available to reserve. Just know, it’s a waiting game — albeit an exciting one.

Space Camper
Date night done right in the Space Camper. One can always dream, right? (Photo/Space Camper).
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