Sylvan Sport ERV Concept 3

EV RV: Zeus Electric, SylvanSport Team Up to Build All-Electric Motorhome

This all-electric motorhome could boast up to 400 miles of range, wastewater recycling, and room for enough gear to send all the things — or champion the apocalypse.

SylvanSport, a mobile camping outfitter, and Zeus Electric Chassis, an electric work truck manufacturer, are collaborating on a 400-mile-range electric RV. In cooperation, the two companies are targeting a market that, though heavily flirted with by EV groups, remains largely untapped. Yes, we’re talking the market for fully electric motorhomes.

As of now, the development of the flagship all-electric RV concept (which looks like a Bear Grylls-Mercedes Sprinter van lovechild) is underway. Not a lot of information is available yet, but this is what we do know.

All-Electric RV Concept

Sylvan Sport ERV Concept 2

“From the inception of SylvanSport in 2004, we knew that our innovations in product design would one day lead to the creation of a class-leading, all-electric motorhome,” SylvanSport CEO Tom Dempsey said about the project. “Zeus’s technology advances, from chassis design to energy storage and management, are helping us to achieve this in the most forward-thinking, environmentally clean way.”

SylvanSport has named its prospective line of e-motorhomes “Leading the Charge.” It’s more than a play on words — rumors around the RV’s design concept include new technologies to eliminate emissions, reduce waste, and provide water recycling solutions.

SylvanSport and Zeus claim that the concept mobile could get up to 400 miles of range on a full charge. If they can deliver an RV with that sort of range and sustainable technologies, then we’re talking some serious off-grid potential.

“As we look to the future of transportation and clean energy, our vision is to bring vehicle electrification to the outdoor recreation and RV industry,” said Wayne Kugel of Zeus Electric Chassis.

Sylvan Sport ERV Concept 4

Electric RV Specs

  • Battery range: Up to 400 miles
  • Charging: DC fast + level 2
  • GVWR: 14,000 lb.
  • Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 25′ by 12’3″ by 10′
  • All-wheel-drive, military-grade axles
  • Independent front, rear coil spring suspension
  • Liquid-cooled A/C induction motors
  • 290 horsepower with 3,000 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Composite body construction
  • Available in green or gray

EV RV: Coming in 2022?

In a recent press release, a Zeus spokesperson indicated that the electric RV “will be brought to life” in 2022. Whether “brought to life” means that the E-RV will be ready for mass rollout remains smoggy.

For more teasers and to stay up on the latest developments, head to SylvanSport’s Leading the Charge page.

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