Tell Tepui Your Dream Road Trip, Win $2,000 and Gear

Cruise down the coast, roam through the Rockies, or hightail it through the heartland: Tepui will make 10 getaways a reality.

Tepui dream road trip

All expenses paid often means no adventures made. But that won’t be the case with Tepui’s Endless Adventure contest.

For the next month, Tepui wants to hear what your ideal road trip entails. What kind of car would you take? What kind of gear would you bring? Where will you go? Enter the details on the submission page – and a short video pitching it – and you could win $2,000 and gear to embark on your adventure.

Tepui Endless Adventure Contest

Applications for the Endless Adventure are open now through April 2. Winners will receive $2,000 cash and some Tepui gear (rooftop tent, anyone?) to use on their proposed trip.

A Car-Top Tent Changed The Way I Camp
A Car-Top Tent Changed The Way I Camp

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But these aren’t handouts. Tepui asks winners to document their road trips by video and produce 3- to 5-minute trip recaps. Don’t worry, the brand doesn’t expect professional productions, just honest video journals of the adventures.

As incentive, at the end of this year Tepui will award the five best videos an additional $2,000 and VIP tickets to a Tepui party.

And so we’re clear: Anyone looking for airfare and a resort need not apply. This is for road trip adventures only. So figure out where you want to go, who you want to take, and how you want to get there. Then head over to the Endless Adventure entry page for a chance to win the cash and gear to make it a reality.

Adam Ruggiero

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