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Komperdell Semiautomatic Carbon Trekking Pole Review: Tough to Break, Free to Repair

Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green(Photo/Sam Schild)
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The Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario trekking poles employ a spring-loaded cable to automatically unfold and are covered by a free repair program.

I didn’t think much of my new Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario trekking poles when I got them at the beginning of the summer. Sure, they’re high-end trekking poles, but tons of other full carbon, folding, and adjustable trekking poles are out there. These were the poles I could conveniently buy that ticked all those boxes.

What makes these poles stand out, though, is that they go from folded to fully extended automatically, which means you can unfold these poles with one hand, without breaking your stride. And, they come with a 3-year, no-questions-asked free repair program.

This repair program adds a ton of value, which I found out after taking my frustration with a terrible bushwack out on my Komperdell poles. I didn’t know what to expect from this no-questions-asked repair program, especially from a break that was clearly from someone using their pole as a machete.

But within a week of mailing my pole to their US repair facility, I had my repaired pole in hand at no charge.

In short: The Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario trekking poles turned me from someone who could use any pole and be content, to a believer in this 100-year-old Austrian ski and trekking pole manufacturer. Though expensive, their ultralight construction, effortless self-deployment, and 3-year free repair warranty make them a smart investment for anyone who regularly uses trekking poles.

Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario Review

Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green
(Photo/Sam Schild)


  • Weight: 7.6 oz. / 216 g
  • Packed size: 16″ / 41 cm
  • Adjustable from: 45-53″ / 115-135 cm
  • Grip material: Cork
  • Straps: Nordic ski-style speed click

Self-Deploying Trekking Poles

You’re not alone if you’re wondering what “self-deploying” means. These aren’t simply trekking poles that unfold easily; they unfold and slide into place automatically via an internal spring-loaded mechanism.

After a summer’s worth of mountain running, I’m fully sold on this unique feature found only on Komperdell poles.

Komperdell self-eploying trekking poles

To use, grip the handle and other folded segments, pointed down and away from you. Then, release the non-handle segments and watch them spring into position. Each segment will automatically slide into the segment above it, with nothing required of you except to hold the handle.

After you use these poles on the trail, they’ll inevitably get dust and dirt between the segments. This will make them not slide into place as smoothly. You’ll have to apply vertical pressure to get the segments seated fully in place. Fortunately, this is as simple as using the trekking poles, which you were planning to do anyway.

Having a trekking pole that unfolds on its own is awesome for those who often switch between using and carrying their poles. I’ve fallen while unfolding other trekking poles before, and these make that less likely.

Trekking Poles: Carbon vs. Aluminum

Komperdell Foldable Trekking Poles
(Photo/Sam Schild)

Beyond the self-deploying feature, these are premium ultralight carbon fiber trekking poles. Thanks to the carbon construction, they weigh well under a pound for the pair, 7.6 ounces each.

Carbon fiber is lightweight, strong, and great at absorbing shock from the trail. Less shock from the trail keeps your wrists happier after long days.

Compared to aluminum, carbon fiber is the superior material for trekking poles. Even though aluminum and carbon are pretty comparable in weight, less carbon is needed to make a strong trekking pole.

Carbon won’t bend or break under vertical stress in the same way aluminum will, which is important for poles that you rely on for balance and push-off repeatedly.

Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario Team Green Trekking Poles
(Photo/Sam Schild)

Some people still think of carbon fiber as fragile. However, carbon has been used to make trekking, ski poles, and tons of other outdoor equipment for years. The carbon construction process has gotten to a point where some serious warranties are now offered.

It is a strong material, and I think we’re going to start seeing stronger guarantees on carbon from some big manufacturers for this reason.

Free Repairs (Yes, Really)

Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario Trekking Poles
(Photo/Sam Schild)

I broke my Carbon Cloud Vario trekking pole using it like a machete to clear brush from an overgrown trail.

Among the brush was a downed tree, and the bottom segment of my pole cracked when it collided with a 2-inch-thick branch. This break was entirely my fault, yet Komperdell quickly repaired the broken segment of my trekking pole without asking any questions, for no charge.

I used to work as a mechanic in high-end bike shops. Over the years, I have seen a lot of carbon fiber bikes. Most of the broken carbon I’ve seen is from impacts related to a crash. Bike manufacturers don’t offer a warranty replacement or even repairs on carbon bikes that have any evidence of impact.

Well, my Komperdell trekking pole was broken in a way that was unquestionably due to an impact. I expected them to tell me they would replace the segment but that they’d have to charge me something for the replacement part.

But after mailing my broken trekking pole to their American repair facility, it arrived with a brand new carbon segment after about a week.

Premium, With a Price

Author Testing Komperdell Trekking Poles
(Photo/Sam Schild)

If you’re a serious trail athlete, you’ve probably already considered buying a nicer set of trekking poles. These are some of the most expensive trekking poles available — so, are they worth it?

After my experience, I’d say they’re worth every penny. For the price, you get premium carbon fiber trekking poles that deploy effortlessly and come with 3 years of no-questions-asked repairs at no charge.

Plus, they look like a light saber — what could be cooler?

For more information, check out the Komperdell Carbon Cloud Vario to see if they’re right for you!

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