‘Head, Heart, Feet’ To Run 100 Miles

Running 100 miles is a hard undertaking to explain. Why? And, How?

The video “100: Head/Heart/Feet” tries to answer some of the questions surrounding running’s ultimate distance.

“I’m done, I think I’m broken. But there’s another level, you just didn’t know it,” explains the film’s trailer.

The full-length film follows Ultrarunner Zak Wieluns as he attempts to run The Vermont 100 Endurance Race. It focuses on Zak’s training and its impact on his relationships while exploring the reasons he was singularly dedicated to completing the race.

Filmed on the race’s 25th anniversary, “100: Head/Heart/Feet” records the stories of handlers, pacers and crew members while exploring the friendships that motivate their preparation for the race over Vermont’s paved streets, gravel back roads and wooded trails — in daylight and darkness — all within a 30-hour time limit.

If running a 100-miler is in your future or if you are just curious about this limits-pushing endeavor, the film is screening in several cities. You can also pre-order the DVD now for $20.

Sean McCoy

Editorial Director Sean McCoy is a life-long outdoorsman who grew up hunting and fishing central Wisconsin forests and lakes. He joined GearJunkie after a 10-year stint as a newspaperman in the Caribbean, where he learned sailing and wooden-boat repair. Based in GearJunkie's Denver office, McCoy is an avid trail runner, camper, hunter, angler, mountain biker, skier, and beer tester.

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