Up, Up, and KERPLOOSH: Watch the Entire Red Bull ‘Flugtag’ Aviation Competition

After 9 years abroad, the Red Bull Flugtag returned home to Vienna last weekend.

The Flugtag (German for “flying day”) is an iconic, off-the-cuff DIY aviation competition that requires a pilot from each team to launch from a 6- to 9-meter ramp over a body of water. The team whose craft remains airborne the longest wins.

Flugtag organizers describe it as “a flying contest like no other … where anyone and everyone can let their genius fly and take a punt at launching their homemade machines and masterpieces into the abyss.” Excellent.

Vienna’s showdown featured 40 Austrian teams and their homespun flying machines. Ultimately, Team Die Flügelmütter proved victorious with its “Flying Puch Max” wind rover.

Take in the best of from the weekend with this replay, then learn more about the 2021 Flugtag Vienna teams. And mark your calendar — Flugtag comes to New Zealand on Dec. 11.

Die Rexxies perform at the Red Bull Flugtag in Vienna, Austria on September 26, 2021; (photo/Matthias Heschl, Red Bull)
Die Rexxies perform at the Red Bull Flugtag in Vienna, Austria, on Sept. 26, 2021; (photo/Matthias Heschl, Red Bull)
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