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YETI Flask, Shot Glasses Are a Toast to the Brand’s Core

Tough, functional, and slightly expensive, YETI's newest product is a no-brainer for the brand built on over-building.
YETI Flask(Photo/Sean McCoy)
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When YETI reached out a week ago to pitch its newest product, I took a moment to consider that it didn’t already exist. YETI didn’t already have a flask? Really?

Well, now it does, and it’s everything that makes YETI an icon.

Heavy-duty? Yep. Functional? Absolutely. And yes, it’s a little more expensive than similar-quality products. But as it’s not wildly expensive ($50 for a flask, $50 for four shot glasses with a nice little carrying case), I imagine it’ll do just fine on the market.

YETI flask and shot glasses
YETI flask and shot glasses; (photo/Sean McCoy)

In short: YETI’s flask and shot glasses are exactly what you’d expect from the brand that gave us the first premium cooler. And given that it’s a perfect match for the brand’s food-and-beverage ethos, it’s a shocker that they didn’t arrive sooner.

YETI Flask


  • Capacity 7 oz.
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Design Single wall


  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty cap


  • Cap fully removable, so could get lost

YETI Shot Glasses


  • Capacity 1.7 oz. each
  • Design Double-wall insulated
  • Material Stainless steel


  • Nesting design
  • Stainless carry case
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Expensive

YETI Flask, Shot Glasses Review

YETI makes a lovely flask and great little shot glasses. If you’ve ever used a YETI water bottle or coffee mug, you know what to expect, as the materials are identical. That means it’s dishwasher-safe, made of 18/8 stainless steel, and colored with “DuraCoat,” which has proven its resilience over years of hard use.

First, I’d say the flask is the star of this kit’s show. The flask holds 7 ounces (207 mL) of the spirit of your choice.

It has a substantial metal cap that removes entirely from the flask. I expect this to be a polarizing design. On one hand, it makes using the flask very easy. On the other hand, losing the cap is very easy, too.

I’m not sure why YETI didn’t put a magnet somewhere to snap it to the flask when in use, but it didn’t. The cap has a nice seal and seems well made; just beware, it could easily roll away.

YETI’s first flask comes with a funnel; (photo/Sean McCoy)

The flask comes with a stainless steel funnel that nests nicely into the neck of the flask. It’ll do the job.

The shot glasses are rugged and feel like YETI simply shrunk its tumblers down to size. They’re substantial and feel high-quality in the hand.

The kit of four comes with a rubber-topped storage sleeve. The whole kit is nice and should work exactly as expected. And really, the storage container itself makes for a pretty useful little glass for mixing shots if needed.

YETI Shot Glasses
YETI shot glasses in storage container; (photo/Sean McCoy)

Overall, the flask and shot glass are YETI quality, through and through. And with that comes a YETI price tag. You’ll shell out $100 for the whole flask/shot glasses package. That’s significantly more than a similar set from Stanley that retails for $40.

However, the YETI kit is higher quality and more in line with Stanley’s premium Stanley Master Unbreakable Hip Flask, which retails for $41. So, YETI hasn’t priced itself into the stratosphere with these. Instead, it made a top-shelf flask and shot glasses to house that top-shelf whiskey. It’s a fine product and one that will almost certainly survive the test of time.

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