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The Gel-Nimbus 25: ASICS Releases Its Most ‘Comfortable’ Running Shoe Ever, and We Agree

Made from recycled materials, the Nimbus 25 features 20% more foam underfoot than its predecessor, translating to all-day comfort for running, walking, and everything in between.

Testing the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25s(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)
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As an avid runner, I log a lot of hours in my running shoes. ASICS has been one of my shoe brands of choice for years, providing me with comfortable cushioning on both the road and the trails. While I’m a fan of the shoes while I’m on the move, I’m always quick to take them off as soon as I’m finished, and never wear them walking around as daily drivers. I know my running shoes provide good support and are probably a better option than walking around in my flip-flops, but when I’m not running, they feel oversized, bulky, and uncomfortable.

So when ASICS announced its new Gel-Nimbus 25, a shoe that offered “next-level comfort,” I was intrigued.

In short: This neutral trainer has been revamped with new materials to create a softer and smoother running experience while offering a better fit and more ventilation. ASICS also upgraded the shoe with more recycled materials. Overall, the Gel-Nimbus 25 ($160) proved to be comfortable, responsive, and smoothly propelled me forward, providing a great running experience.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25


  • Weight 9.0 oz.
  • Stack Height 40.5 mm (Women's), 41.5 mm (Men's)
  • Drop 8 mm
  • Price $160


  • More foam
  • Maximum cushion
  • Comfortable ride
  • Ideal for daily use or tempo runs between 1-12 miles


  • Snug/narrow fit in forefoot
  • Not a good choice for high-performance, competitive road racers

Gel-Nimbus 25 Review: Does Its Max Stack Top Prior Models?

First Impressions

When I first tried on the Gel-Nimbus 25, I had mixed feelings. The shoes were incredibly lightweight but offered lots of cushion, which is a huge plus for someone who’s prone to injuries. The shoes sport a stretchy knit tongue and collar to provide an “adaptive fit.” I have narrow feet and the shoes did form to my feet well, but the tongue felt a little snug — I feared it would rub while on the move.

The Gel-Nimbus 25 is advertised as the “paramount of comfort” and ASICS claims the cushioning “helps you feel like you’re landing on clouds.” A big claim, and a comparison we’ve all heard way too many times when it comes to shoes. But once I laced up the shoes and took some short strides around the block, I couldn’t disagree. Each step felt springy and the landing incredibly soft. I was eager to hit the road to see how they’d feel on a full-length run. 

Technical Features and Upgrades

Gel-Nimbus 25 running shoe
(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)

Improving upon the Gel-Nimbus 24, the 25 has lots of upgrades and improvements to make it lighter, more comfortable, and provide a softer landing. ASICS uses PureGEL technology (not yet used in prior models) to help improve impact absorption. Specifically, the Gel-Nimbus 25 has PureGEL embedded in the heel and sandwiched in the midsole foam. The Nimbus 25 also features FLYTEFOAM Blast+ Eco for the midsole, made with at least 20% bio-based material from renewable sources.

The outsole features ASICS LITE rubber in the forefoot, which is less dense and softer but still incredibly durable. AHAR+ rubber is used in the heel plugs for increased durability in high-impact areas. Made from recycled materials, ASICS LITE rubber is used for the upper; it’s lighter, stronger, and more sustainable than traditional outsole rubbers. The upper also features the same fully gusseted knit tongue from the Nimbus 24 but is slightly shorter than the original model. 

Finally, the stack height has been altered in the Nimbus 25 — the new model contains 20% more foam underfoot. This also means, at 40.5-41.5 mm, it exceeds the maximum 40mm stack height set by World Athletics. So, these aren’t shoes for competitive running or racing.

How It Performs

Wearing ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25 shoes
(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)

Comfort is the mantra of the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25, and it delivers.

The shoe feels incredibly comfortable and lightweight when you try it on, and it provides a nice spring to your step whether you’re running or walking. The extra cushioning ensures a soft landing, regardless of the type of terrain. As an endurance runner, my only concern with the excessive cushioning is it could prevent early detection of an injury or allow you to easily compensate, resulting in additional issues. With this much cushioning, you’re not really feeling the ground, just the shoe. For those who like maximum cushion, Nimbus’ new 25s may be for you.

I’ve only spent a couple of weeks in the shoe and while it’s fine for recreational running, I’d be hesitant to train for a marathon or longer run in the Nimbus 25. But when it comes to shorter runs or long walks around town, it’s the perfect shoe as it provides all-day comfort.

The knit tongue is something I’ve never encountered in a running shoe and is a feature that I still have mixed feeling about. It allows for a more custom fit and forms nicely around my foot, but I found it rubbed a bit while running. This could also be due to the narrower fit in the forefoot, though overall the shoe fits true to size. 

Although the Nimbus 25 is mainly designed for road running, it performed well on other surfaces as well. I was able to test these shoes on the road, sidewalk, grass, and hard-packed dirt and felt they transitioned smoothly between the different terrains. The shoes felt the springiest on the road, but I appreciated the extra cushion when navigating rocks because my feet felt protected regardless of what was underfoot. And while I’ve yet to try them on a speed workout, I imagine they will perform well. I’ve never felt this kind of response from any other shoe.

Although I never had the opportunity to run in the Nimbus 24 and can’t make a comparison, I can vouch for the improvements to the upper construction. I found the shoe to be incredibly lightweight and well-ventilated — a huge perk when running around my home in humid Hawaii.

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Lightweight, breathable, and soft underfoot, the Gel-Nimbus 25 is a running shoe that provides all-day comfort. It’s a great option for daily walking or road running (on pavement and other surfaces, due to the extra cushion underfoot). 

I also found I enjoyed wearing them even when I wasn’t running — they proved to be great shoes for walking miles for errands, walking with the dog, or anytime I knew I was going to be spending hours on my feet. ASICS was going for a comfortable, daily-driver shoe, and the Gel-Nimbus 25 achieves that.

With a supermax stack height and more foam underfoot, the Nimbus 25 is a great option for neutral runners or those who under pronate and prefer a little extra cushion. Although I’d hesitate to wear these shoes to train for a lengthier endurance or running race, they are fast, responsive, and comfortable.

Rebecca Parsons

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