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The Best Flip-Flops of 2024

When you don’t really want to don footwear but have to, you slip on flip-flops. We tested some of the leading flip-flops for men in search of the best in 2024, so that you can confidently get footloose and fancy free this summer.

best flip-flops(photo/Chris Kassar)
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For the most part, flip-flops are transitional footwear. You wear them at times when you’d prefer to be barefoot, but the circumstances aren’t conducive to going au naturale. Perhaps you want to air out your dogs on a hot day after a workout. Or maybe you’re on your way to the beach or pool, where you’ll gladly fling them off the instant you arrive.

Naturally, our experts have been wearing flip-flops since childhood. Our lead tester Scott Tharler’s favorite flip-flop-related memory is getting a free pair when attending a Dodger game on a special promotional evening. Surprisingly, those well-worn rubber and plastic flips lasted way longer than they should’ve.

For this buyer’s guide, we rounded up multiple pairs of high-quality flip-flops ranging in price from $30 to $80, We put them through their paces on a number of hour-plus long walks and also did a lot of strolling along the week and lounging around the patio and house. Dozens of miles—and several stinging blisters—later, we came to some meaningful conclusions (not the least of which is that most flip-flops aren’t meant for very long hikes).

Below you’ll find the results, highlighting the best flip-flops according to our rigorous research. To help you more easily find the best flip-flops for your unique needs, we’ve included a buyer’s guide, an FAQ section, and a comparison chart.

The Best Flip-Flops of 2024

Best Overall Flip-Flops

OluKai ‘Ohana Flip-Flops


  • Heel Height 0.5 inches
  • Upper Synthetic Leather
  • Footbed EVA
  • Outsole Rubber
  • Colorways 16
The Best Flip-Flops of 2024


  • Impressive lugs on the outsole for a flip flop
  • Soft footbed
  • Very large size range


  • A bit pricey for a flip flop
Best Budget Flip-Flops

Rainbow Classic Rubber Sandals


  • Heel Height Average
  • Upper Rubber, Nylon
  • Footbed EVA
  • Outsole Rubber
  • Colorways 5
The Best Flip-Flops of 2024


  • Super simple and comfortable layup of rubber and foam
  • On the lower end of price range
  • Lightweight at 14 oz.


  • Exposed foam sidewalls will get worn over time
  • Little outsole traction
  • Limited size range
Most Comfortable Flip-Flops

Vionic Wyatt


  • Heel Height 1.25 inches
  • Upper Synthetic, fabric-lined
  • Footbed Leather, EVA, Rubber
  • Outsole Rubber
  • Colorways 7
The Best Flip-Flops of 2024


  • Plush
  • Great fit
  • Superior comfort


  • Relatively expensive
Best of the Rest

Teva Hydratek Flip


  • Heel Height Average
  • Upper Recycled plastic, REPREVE® polyester yarn
  • Footbed EVA
  • Outsole Spider Rubber
  • Colorways 3
The Best Flip-Flops of 2024


  • Comfy, textured footbed
  • Grippy tread good for multiple terrains
  • Great all-around balance of firm yet flexible


  • Heel is a little chunky
  • Only a few color options

Keen Waimea Leather Flip-Flop


  • Heel Height 1.54 inches
  • Upper Waterproof full-grain leather
  • Footbed Foam
  • Outsole Non-marking rubber
  • Colorways 4
The Best Flip-Flops of 2024


  • Comfortable, scooped-out footbed
  • Soft strap and toe post
  • Nice tread
  • Toe protection


  • On the expensive side
  • Hybrid style takes a little getting used to

Hoka Ora Recovery Flip


  • Heel Height Thick
  • Upper Jersey textile strap
  • Footbed EVA
  • Outsole EVA
  • Colorways 9
The Best Flip-Flops of 2024


  • Tread groove great for walking in and around water
  • Improved toe post
  • EVA good for recovery use
  • Colorful


  • Tall heel
  • Footbed feels oversized
  • Middling comfort

Reef Santa Ana


  • Heel Height Thin
  • Upper Vegan leather strap, padded jersey lining
  • Footbed EVA
  • Outsole Non-marking rubber
  • Colorways 7
The Best Flip-Flops of 2024


  • Nice textured footbed
  • Snug fitting, feels secure
  • Good as boat shoes


  • Feels under-padded
  • Not for long hikes
  • Snug fitting, slightly tougher to slip on

OOfos OOriginal


  • Heel Height Average
  • Upper Closed-cell OOfoam™
  • Footbed Closed-cell OOfoam™
  • Outsole Closed-cell OOfoam™
  • Colorways 6
The Best Flip-Flops of 2024


  • Super cushy
  • Great for recovery
  • Machine washable


  • Not quite as steady as the others

Crocs Classic II


  • Heel Height 0.88 inches
  • Upper EVA
  • Footbed EVA
  • Outsole EVA
  • Colorways 4
The Best Flip-Flops of 2024


  • Inexpensive
  • Very light
  • Waterproof


  • A little stiff
  • Uncomfortable for medium to longer walks

Flip-Flops Comparison Chart

Flip-FlopsPriceHeel HeightUpper Footbed OutsoleColorways
OluKai ‘Ohana Sandals$750.5 inchesSynthetic LeatherEVARubber16
Rainbow Classic Rubber Sandals$46AverageRubber, NylonEVARubber5
Vionic Wyatt$801.25 inchesSynthetic, fabric-linedLeather, EVA, RubberRubber7
Teva Hydratek Flip$65AverageRecycled plastic, REPREVE®polyester yarn EVASpider Rubber3
Keen Waimea Leather Flip-Flop $801.54 inchesWaterproof full-grain leatherFoamNon-marking rubber4
Hoka Ora Recovery Flip$60ThickJersey textile strapEVAEVA9
Reef Santa Ana $55ThinVegan leather strap, padded jersey liningEVANon-marking rubber7
OOfos Original $60AverageClosed-cell OOfoam™Closed-cell OOfoam™Closed-cell OOfoam™6
Crocs Classic II $300.88 inchesEVAEVAEVA4
best flip-flops
Essentially a safer, more fashionable way of going barefoot, flip-flops are timeless; (photo/Scott Tharler)

How We Tested Flip-Flops

GearJunkie knows footwear, whether we’re through hiking the PCT, trail running a ridge in the Rockies, fording a local stream, or just traipsing on the beach. Main tester Scott Tharler has written about tech and gear—including innovative footwear and apparel—for nearly 30 years.

In that time, he’s logged hundreds of miles testing dozens of flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, and shoes. Especially having made the annual pilgrimage to walk the grueling week-long Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas over 25 times, Tharler has learned the true value of a supportive insole.

Over that same span, flip-flops have gone from being cheap podiatric torture devices to highly wearable and—dare we say—even fashionable footwear. As the construction materials have changed and improved, the use cases for flip-flops have expanded. Taking that all in stride, we set out to determine which flip-flops would work best for folks in the most common conditions and situations.

During several weeks of real-world testing on the Big Island, we logged literally dozens of miles in the selected sets of slippers (as they’re called here in Hawaii). We walked on pavement, over loose gravel, around the pool, and on the beach. Nothing hardcore in the way of hiking, but we often strolled for more than an hour at a time—not only outdoors but also indoors through stores and around the house.

Taking things a step further, we’d often tote around a second pair in hand just to switch them out on the go. In fact, our lead tester got to know these flip-flops so well that—in a game he and his seven-year-old enjoyed playing—he could literally identify which flip-flops were being placed on his feet with his eyes closed. We also brought in a second tester, Ryan Kempfer, to try out a couple of pairs of flips in more mountainous environs, where he also took them strolling along lakeshores, rivers, and trails, and on wildlife photography adventures.

At the end of the day, it’s all about comfort. And the feet know what they want. So even when we weren’t seriously testing, we noted which flip-flops we intuitively reached for without much thought. We’ll update this guide as we continue to wear these flip-flops and further assess additional ones. If you’re looking for women-specific options, cruise through our Best Flip-flops For Women Guide.

From beach strolls to scrambling along the rocky banks of this very river taking photos of grizzly bears, the Olukai ‘Ohana performed beyond expectations; (photo/Chris Kassar)

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Flip-Flops

The perfect pair of flip-flops is a must for your summer wardrobe. But, finding the perfect pair can be a little nerve-wracking. With so many options, knowing what to consider when shopping for flip-flops can sometimes be difficult. We’ve narrowed down some of the things we’ve learned to pay attention to over the years.

By their very nature, flip-flops imbue a certain carefree spirit and sense of freedom. So it seems antithetical to get so serious about selecting a pair. But if we learned one thing from our tireless research, it’s that you can’t properly judge flip-flops just by looking at them.

To wit, you might be tempted to simply grab a pair from a local pharmacy, grocery store or roadside service station on an impulse. After all, if you’re getting flip-flops, you’re probably on your way to do something fun. But believe us, if those flip-flops—or worse yet, your feet—break along the way, you’ll be sorry.

In this handy how-to-choose guide, you’ll see all the essential information you need to choose a solid solution to fit your needs. You’ll dive deep into which features matter most and why you should—or shouldn’t—consider particular types of flip-flops. (Hint: If you can see the other end of the Y-strap poking through the bottoms of the soles, avoid them at all costs!) Ultimately, below, you’ll find everything you need to know to make an informed footwear decision so that you don’t have to flip-flop about which to purchase.

best flip-flops
There’s lots to consider when choosing among different flip-flops, like those from KEEN, Vionic, Reef, and Hoka pictured here; (photo/Scott Tharler)

Flip-Flops vs. Slides and Sandals

It’s easy to tell apart a flip-flop from a slide, because the former has a toe post and the latter doesn’t. But it can be surprisingly confusing to determine whether a particular piece of footwear is a flip-flop or a sandal. For instance, Teva sees them as different entities, separately offering a Teva Hydratek Flip (included here in our list) and a Hydratek Sandal. Hoka views flip-flops as a subset of sandals. And OOfos refers to its flip-flop as a sandal right in the name.

For the purposes of this guide, we’re considering a flip-flop as any airy footwear that has a toe post and no heel strap (that’d make it a sandal). And, since the function is just as crucial an aspect of the definition, you wouldn’t take on a serious hike. As opposed to our trusty minimalist Bedrock or Xero sandals, which are each slimmer than any of the flip-flops on this list and we’d take on any trek in a heartbeat. To see a full list of sandals ideal for hiking, check out our Best Hiking Sandals guide.

best flip-flops
Reef’s Santa Ana flip-flops make for decent boat and deck shoes; (photo/Scott Tharler)

Designed Footwear Use

With that in mind, it’s time to consider how you will use these flip-flops. Many product pages list what the flips would be best for. But that’s merely a suggestion. For instance, the Hoka Ora Recovery Flip has “recovery” right in its name, but we like them for walking and hanging around the pool. Whereas we’d reach for the cushier OOfos Original to amble about with truly achy feet. In addition to the midsole, the outsole plays a big part. For example, we’d use the Reef Santa Ana as a deck shoe—partially also because the strap fits a little snugger around our feet than some of the others—but wouldn’t take them on a hike that’s too long or has uneven terrain. And although the Keen and Vionic are both capable, we’d take the Olukai ‘Ohana into the surf first.

To a large extent, the treads on flip-flops determine what they’ll be good for; (photo/Scott Tharler)


It’s not just a matter of whether water will damage the flip-flops. The materials in these flips are safe enough if they get splashed or dunked. But then what? How comfortable are they when they’re wet…and/or sandy? That can be when the toe post wreaks havoc on your foot. Not to mention your ears, from all the squeaking. If we had to travel a ways in wet flip-flops, we’d want the Teva Hydratek Flip, the Vionic Wyatt, or the Keen Waimea Leather Flip-Flop. Those are the most amphibious on this list.

best flip-flops
One of the most water-friendly options on our list, the Keen Waimea Leather Flip-Flop incorporates both a toe post and toe protection; (photo/Scott Tharler)

Sizing and Fit

One of the defining factors of flip-flops is how forgiving their sizing is. These are meant to be worn loose, putting them at the opposite end of the spectrum from climbing, running or cycling shoes. So they don’t tend to be sized very strictly. For instance, our main tester’s usually a size 9, but a size 7 in the OOfos Original—while snug—perfectly fit the length of his feet. To wit, we tested the Vionic Wyatt in a size 8.5 and ended up ranking it as the most comfortable flip-flop so that speaks volumes. The upshot of sticking with your regular size or perhaps sizing down a bit is that it gives you some flexibility in ordering flips that’ll fit you well.

best flip-flops
The Vionic Wyatt was definitely the most comfortable flip we tested; (photo/Scott Tharler)


You’re likely to spot a whole bunch of terms describing flip-flop materials. But they really boil down to just a few.

Proprietary Synthetics

You may have noticed a couple of trademarked names in the above comparison chart. Sometimes, they point to recycled materials, like the REPREVE® yarn used in the Teva Hydratek Flip. And sometimes, as with OOfos’s OOfoam™, they’re simply the brand’s own take on EVA foam. Either way, it’s good to understand which natural material the synthetic is trying to replace.


Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a thermoplastic, closed-cell foam with rubber-like qualities. It is meant as a substitute for materials such as natural rubber, neoprene, and PVC foams made from harsh chemicals. Because of its sustainability factor, EVA is used quite a bit in today’s flip-flops.

best flip-flops
The all-EVA Crocs Classic II are fairly firm and very light; (photo/Scott Tharler)


Known for its durability and patina, real leather gets a bit of a bad rap. However, it’s more breathable than vegan leather. When mindfully sourced, such as the LWG-certified leather used in the Keen Waimea Leather Flip-flop, it’s actually more environmentally responsible than the faux version.


You may see it listed as “Spider Rubber,” “Non-marking Rubber,” “Vibram” or just plain “Rubber.” Just know that there’s most likely gonna be some rubber in your outsole. It’s a big part of what cushions and protects your feet and is what makes our best budget option, the Rainbow Rubber Sandals so ideal.

best flip-flops
Comfy and stable, we loved the Teva Hydratek Flip for daily use; (photo/Scott Tharler)


As free-flying as flip-flops are, they aren’t always so comfy. Of course, that depends on how much you plan to walk in them. But a few factors weigh heavily in avoiding that unwanted trip to the ol’ first aid box.

Toe Posts

The part of the flip-flop that both defines and is most likely to injure you. Take a closer look at it. Pretty consistently, the ones that entail a folded piece of fabric feel more comfortable, such as the Olukai ‘Ohana, the Vionic Wyatt, the Keen Waimea and the Reef Santa Ana. The others look innocent enough, but tend to irritate the feet on long walks—more than 20 minutes or one mile—especially when they get wet.

Heel Height

How high your heel is off the ground makes a big difference. You’re probably used to wearing flatter shoes, so a flip with a big lift, like the Hoka Ora Recovery or the OOfos Original, may feel weird and throw off your balance. Some vendors list the heel-to-toe drop on product pages. If you’re like us, you’ll appreciate a flip-flop with a minimal dip (or none at all). Anything over half an inch (roughly 13 millimeters) may feel off-putting.

best flip-flops
From this group, the beige Reef heels were the thinnest, and the telltale blue Hoka were thickest; (photo/Scott Tharler)

Firmness vs. Cushiness

Without getting too deep into a philosophical discussion about which is “better,” just know this topic is very subjective. Everyone has their own “Goldilocks” point. If you’re shopping online, this can be especially challenging to figure out, but we’ve helped take out some of the guesswork.

The OOfos Original are super cushy while the Crocs Classic II are on the firm end. We found the Olukai ‘Ohana, the Vionic Wyatt, and the KEEN Waimea Leather Flips to all offer the perfect combination of firmness and cushiness that we loved. If you are shopping in person, find your perfect point by flexing the outsole to see how rigid it feels. Combined with how cushy the footbed feels, that should indicate how it’ll perform for you. But watch out, because almost all flip-flops feel good when you initially wear them, and the differences between them can be small; but if you pay close attention to these subtleties, your feet will thank you in the long run.

best flip-flops
The OOfos are good in a variety of situations, but we like them best for recovery; (photo/Scott Tharler)


With just a few outliers, most of the flip-flops in this guide are right around the $62 group average. Naturally, flip-flops may go on sale, so do pay attention to the retail price. Anything with an MSRP below $30 is probably garbage, likely to fall apart the first time you make a serious misstep. Likewise, on the other end, anything above $60 may offer diminishing returns. In short, expect to pay something in the $30 to $60 range for an average flip-flop.


This probably isn’t among the biggest factors for most men selecting flip-flops. But it’s worth noting that some models offer only a few hues to choose from, whereas others offer as many as nine. For what it’s worth, six was the average from our list. As with every other piece of footwear and apparel, it’s hard to go wrong with a basic black (which may get hot if left out in the sun) or a neutral earth color. But since flip-flops are meant to be fun, feel free to flaunt something colorful.

best flip-flops
Flip-flops vary in comfort, cushioning, materials and more;; (photo/Scott Tharler)


What are the best flip-flops to walk in?

That depends on where, how far, and how long you’ll be walking, as well as what you’ve just been doing. For instance, after a workout or run, recovering in something cushy like the OOfos Original feel nice. If you’re going on a short walk, the Reef Santa Ana is a decent choice. And if you want flip-flops for a longer walk, we highly recommend the Vionic Wyatt, the Teva Hydratek Flips, and the Keen Waimea, each of which is good for longer distances over a variety of terrain.

What brand of flip-flops are the most comfortable?

Among the shoes we tested for this guide, we had difficulty choosing between the Olukai ‘Ohana and Vionic Wyatt. Both offer a great balance of firmness with just enough—but in our opinion, not too much—cushion.

What is the most durable brand of flip-flops?

Long-term durability takes more than a month or two to assess. So, we’ll keep you posted. But so far, none of the selections show serious signs of wear. It’ll be interesting to see how additional time, sweat, and wear affect them.

Are flip-flops fashionable for men?

Sure! Especially in summer—or year-round, in warmer climates. We haven’t personally donned anything worthy of wearing with a suit. But for everyday use with jeans or shorts, heck yeah. Throw on a pair of flip-flops and make a fashion statement. And before you do, maybe consider trimming those claws and moisturizing. No judgment.

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