Working Through an Injury? Stay Fit With Chair Yoga

Working through an injury? Looking for a workout you can do right at your desk? Chair yoga is for you.

Most of us know the feeling of having our workout routine interrupted by injury. Whether you’re working through a major injury or looking for a way to change up your yoga routine, chair yoga is a great solution.

In this video, fitness trainer Caroline Jordan takes us through a 30-minute chair yoga workout. It’s an all-levels, non-weight-bearing exercise that still stretches and activates your muscles. Best of all? You can do the whole workout from a chair.

The routine uses moves and poses like deep breathing, forward bends, modified mountain pose, and more. The practice works muscles in the abs, shoulders, arms, and back. Note: Jordan is pretty peppy, but the workouts are still great. The yoga practice starts around 1:20.

So when your broken bone heals or surgery recovery is over, you can hop right back into your normal workout routine.

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