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‘Conquer More Challenge’: MTN OPS Kicks Off Ultimate New Year’s Resolution Contest

Ready for a new year and a new you? MTN OPS hopes to help with its thorough self-betterment community campaign, the Conquer More Challenge.

If you haven’t yet set your goals for 2022, the fitness and health brand MTN OPS has your back. And the competition does just a bit more than challenge you to lose weight and get fit.

Whether you’re looking to go on your first backcountry hunt, run a big race, or simply tune up your personal discipline, it seems MTN OPS has written a plan to complete your New Year’s Resolution for you. Pretty impressive.

The basic structure of the Conquer More competition is founded on four quadrants of personal betterment, or what MTN OPS calls the Conquer Code: spiritual, physical, mental, and social. Contestants will complete tasks that are stacked in each quadrant along the way.

Read on for more on one of the most thorough brand contests we’ve seen.

How to Participate in ‘Conquer More’

If you decide to commit to this ready-made system, the entirety of the program requires a whopping 6-month commitment.

In Phase 1, you commit to 30 days of completing four tasks per day to better yourself. In the 60-day Phase 2, you’re given an extra task for each quadrant. And in the final 90-day phase, you create your own task to finish out the competition with some personal tweaks.

In order to enter, you first share some basic personal info. Then, you state an overall personal goal, create individual quadrant goals, and submit pics of yourself in your current state of physical prowess (which, I’ll remind you, is worthy and lovable the way it is, even if in need of TLC!).

I particularly like that, though fitness photos are involved, MTN OPS clarifies: “NEVER feel the need to show skin. Make it easy to take the photos in your workout wear.”

You’ll need to take more pics down the line in Phase Two for comparison.

How to Keep Track, What’s at Stake

The MTN OPS team built out a full download PDF to follow your progress. And they built downloadable social media assets to help keep contestants motivated via community interaction.

And this isn’t a no-holds-barred approach. You get three strikes before you’re required to start the phase again.

Of course, MTN OPS boasts a full suite of powder supplements, nutrition packages, and gear to help you on the way to reaching your goals.

Furthermore, there’s no risk without reward. MTN OPS will draw five random winners each month who will receive a $500 gift card or something of equal value.

You ready for a community-driven challenge? Check out the whole deal and commit to a better you here. 

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