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Stop Forgetting Your Bear Spray: The Bearosol Holster Has You Covered

The Bearosol holster is a seriously utilitarian bear spray holster that leaves no excuse for you not to have it with you on your next foray into bear country.

(Photo/Paul Kemper)
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Spring is here, and so are the bears. The first grizzly bear of the year showed its face in Yellowstone on March 7, 2023. As temperatures rise and folks start hitting the trails, it’s critical to be prepared for a face-to-face greeting from your local hungry Yogi.

I am a big proponent of carrying bear spray of both the aerosol and 10mm varieties. I’ve been hauling my aerosol bear spray in a Bearosol holster ($50) from Format Design Engineering for the last 2 years.

These are the three most important factors in using bear spray:

  • Making sure you have it with you
  • Knowing how to use it properly
  • Having quick access

Leaving your bear spray doesn’t do you any good. And thinking, “Bear attacks only happen to other people,” is a fool’s logic.

In short: The Bearosol Holster is a simple tool that will make carrying your bear spray into the outdoors a little easier and more comfortable.

Bearosol Holster


  • Multifunctional (accommodates almost any style of carry)
  • Fits 8 oz. (2" x 6¼") and 9.2 oz. (2" x 7" ) canisters
  • Thoughtfully designed
  • Easy to install and swap between activities


  • Costs more than the average holster on the market today

Bearosol Holster: Review

(Photo/Paul Kemper)

Bearosol Bear Spray Holster: Overview

Lightweight Bear Spray Holster
(Photo/Paul Kemper)

The Bearosol bear spray holster is designed to be carried by hand, on the handlebars of your bike, or on your belt so you can easily keep it with you, no matter where you tread.

Format Design founder Richard Siberell is no stranger to intuitive design. He’s been designing high-end gear for brands like Arc’teryx, Patagonia, and Sitka Gear for over 3 decades. This latest project of his builds off years of experience in his studio and in the field.

Siberell is a traditional bowhunter, mountain biker, backcountry skier, and paraglider. Having irons in so many fires demanded a design that allowed him to protect himself in bear country, regardless of which adventure he pursued.

As a career strength athlete, training for distance-focused, aside from backpack hunting trips, activities are new to me. As a father-to-be, I’ve decided I need to harden where I’ve gotten a little soft. That includes doing things outside the gym to prepare for hunting season and a more active lifestyle chasing a little one around.

In the Field

Bike Attachment for Bear Spray
(Photo/Paul Kemper)

I’ve never been much of a runner. The thought of carrying more than my necessary diabetes snack on a run gives me heartburn. I’ve also not owned a bike since mine got stolen in my sophomore year of college. Now I have a new pair of trail shoes, a used mountain bike, and a means to carry bear protection that’s unintrusive and universal.

Installation on my bike was a breeze. In under 3 minutes, I safely secured the holster to my handlebars and rode unencumbered. Having quick access to my spray while riding isn’t something I ever had to think about. After reading about this grizzly attack in 2020, the need for that access has been in the back of my mind.

I don’t like loose things hanging off me when moving, especially when moving quickly. Bear spray holsters that come with your spray lack the versatility that encourages folks to carry spray in more than one application. And most don’t offer an effective way to carry if you’re wearing athletic clothing that doesn’t have a belt.

Bearosol in Hand
(Photo/Paul Kemper)

The hand strap on the Bearosol holster secures the holster firmly without overly constricting your hands on a run, and also keeps it in place without requiring a death grip. As I venture out of my neighborhood and into the hills, I feel a sense of comfort in having my spray at hand.

Patent-Pending Design

Waist Belt Attachment for Bearosol Holster
(Photo/Paul Kemper)

The patent-pending clip, 1-inch webbing, and laser-cut MOLLE panels round out this holster’s ability to go everywhere with you. On an August archery blacktail hunt in Alaska, I effortlessly swapped it from my backpack hip belt to my pants on a stalk. I’ve fished southwest Montana on my wading belt and secured it to a fanny pack while picking huckleberries in August.

If you’re picky about your color palette, the Bearosol holster comes in tan, black, gray, blue, purple, and MultiCam.

So, Is the Bearosol Holster Worth It?

Bearosol Bear Spray Holster on Pack
(Photo/Paul Kemper)

Though pricier than the average holster on the market, the flexibility of the Bearosol holster leaves no room for excuses not to carry your bear spray the next time you’re in bear country. It’s a purchase that you’ll hope you never truly need but one that will give you peace of mind when you wander toward an unsuspecting den.

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