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FUELL Fllow Electric Motorcycle: A Torque Monster With 150-Mile Range

FUELL Fllow electric motorcycle(Photo/Fuell)
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The FUELL Fllow is an urban torque monster promising a trim machine with 150 miles of range aimed toward the daily-commuter demographic. For the electric bike’s unique prelaunch, FUELL is offering free swag and a significant discount.

Erik Buell is one of the pioneers of modern motorcycle racing technology and has developed a new brand called FUELL. That brand’s newest venture has been in creating an electric motorcycle called the Fllow — a lightweight EV that will offer good range, massive torque, and fast charging.

Buell says the bike was designed to make big changes for urban riders. Fuell is starting the bike’s pre-launch phase now.

Erik builds impressively quick machines. The engineer worked briefly at Harley-Davidson before starting his own company in 1983. That company became part of Harley, with Harley dealers selling a range of Buell motorcycles that Erik designed and engineered. But Harley dropped the sport bike brand in 2009 when the economy collapsed.

Buell’s FUELL Fllow Partnership With Sauber F1 Boss

FUELL Fllow electric motorcycle

Erik launched Erik Buell Racing later that year. He then partnered with François-Xavier Terny, an experienced motorcycle industry executive, to form the FUELL electric vehicle company.

The specs for the FUELL Fllow are impressive. The proprietary in-wheel electric motor delivers 47 horsepower along with an astonishing 553 pound-feet of torque. With a bike that weighs less than 400 pounds, that’s enough torque to pose a real challenge for riders. Even FUELL calls it “ridiculously high.”

Highway Speeds, 150-Mile Range

FUELL Fllow in wheel electric motor

Thanks to that motor, the Fllow should be able to hit 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds from a stop. That should be really handy zipping around in busy city traffic — especially anywhere that lane splitting is allowed or encouraged.

The top speed is 85 mph. While the EV bike is not an ideal highway ride, it is capable of highway speeds. Putting the motor in the rear wheel makes more battery space in the frame and helps cut weight. In that space, FUELL has fitted a 10kWh battery pack — enough for up to 150 miles of range.

Charging from a wall outlet can be done in around 8 hours, thanks to the small pack. The Fllow will also support Level 2 charging in about an hour and a half, or it can use 50kW Level 3 charging for a full charge in under 30 minutes.

A highly modular design promises easy upgrades down the road. FUELL says the Fllow’s design will let you upgrade parts like the battery pack, rear wheel motor, and even the fast-charging socket if requirements and advancements change in the future.

A Connected Ride

FUELL Fllow dash

Android and iOS phones will be able to connect to the electric motorcycle with a cloud service to show data like bike location, charge level, and service manuals.

The highly connected Fllow will also let you use your phone as the key. It can even open storage and saddlebag solutions through the app. An on-bike digital dash display will interface with your phone and will show all of the usual key information.

FUELL Fllow Discounted Preorders Using New Prelaunch Site

FUELL Fllow electric motorcycle
FUELL’s Flluid E-bike is shown here with the Fllow electric motorcycle; (photo/FUELL)

FUELL will be launching the electric motorcycle in a unique way. Instead of a traditional opening of order books, it will be through prelaunch.com. The site offers new e-commerce tools meant to judge customer reactions to the bike and its features.

The FUELL Fllow is available for preorder with a $200 deposit, but with an undisclosed production or ship date. Put down a preorder on prelaunch.com and you’ll get a whopping $2,000 discount on the Fllow’s MSRP of $11,995. To top off the incentives, FUELL is also adding a free FUELL carbon motorcycle helmet from Veldt.

Stay up to date on all things FUELL at FUELL.us.

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