pacific overlander roof top rental

Try Overlanding Out West Without Buying a Thing

Try overlanding without the heavy investment in a new vehicle or gear. Pacific Overlander rents Toyota and Land Rovers ready to roll with Autohome tents and full camping kits.

pacific overlander roof top rental

This spring, open your eyes to a stunning sunrise from a rooftop tent, no big investment needed.

Launched in 2016, Pacific Overlander offers 4×4 SUVs with rooftop tents for rent. Plus, each vehicle comes with a large cooler, camp table and chairs, stove, and cooking equipment. Just reserve a campsite, or pick a route and go!

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The service aims to simplify camping while traveling. Instead of flying with loads of gear and renting a car, Pacific Overlander bundles it all together.

Rentals begin about $150 per day in a Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner with a three-day minimum. And for those interested in premium (more costly) options, Pacific Overlander also offers Land Rover Defenders, Chevy Silverados, GMC Sierras, and Jeep Wranglers.

pacific overlander roof top rental

Pacific Overlander: 4×4 Camping Rental in the West

While not the only rooftop rental service, Pacific Overlander specializes in the American West. It offers packages in San Fransisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, and Las Vegas.

pacific overlander roof top rental

Both roundtrip and one-way travel are supported, but one-ways incur an extra fee.

Basic Rental Package: Specs

  • Autohome rooftop tent with 3.5-inch memory foam mattress
  • Two camp chairs and camp table
  • 65-liter cooler or fridge
  • 4-gallon water can
  • Cooking and dining equipment:
    • Dual-burner stove and 4.5-pound propane tank
    • Silverware for two
    • Salt/pepper shakers, spatula, tongs, cutting board, and kitchen and chef’s knives
    • Coffee filter, pour-over brewing cone, and kettle
    • One large pan and one medium pot
    • Cleaning basin, sponge, pot scraper/brush, and biodegradable dish soap
  • One small lantern, first-aid kit, jumper cables, and flares
  • Snow chains (November–April)

pacific overlander roof top rental

Rooftop Tent Destinations

Pacific Overland also offers unique trip ideas, with locations like Big Sur, Zion, Death Valley, and Joshua Tree, to name a few. Some of the trips include a reduced rate at below $100 per day.

Rooftop tents have boomed in popularity for good reason: They are extremely comfortable. We used them camping through Canada and for months in Alaska and were impressed with the durability and ease of use of rooftop tents even in nasty weather.

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But they do have a steep barrier to entry. First, you need a vehicle suitable to mount one on, then expect to drop $1,000 or more on the tent.

Get a taste of overlanding and rooftop camping with Pacific Overlander.

pacific overlander roof top rental

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