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Fool Me Not! Our Favorite Gags From Outdoor Brands

Check out our favorite April Fools' ploys from the brands we love.

april fools hike-a-bike old man mountain north st bags(Photo/Old Man Mountain)
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Love it or hate it, the tidal wave of mock product launches and inexplicable brand campaigns is upon us once more! April Fools’ Day is here and if you haven’t been bested yet, keep your guard up!

We’ve already got the scoop on a handful of oddball announcements, so scroll on to get in on the gag. And if you can’t get enough, feel free to stroll through GearJunkie’s April Fools’ archives.

Outdoor April Fools’ Jokes 2024

Polaris RZR Razor

Kicking off the tomfoolery, Polaris found some inspiration with its iconic side-by-side. Instead of explaining, just watch the goof in full below:

Lean into it, Polaris! The best gags are when brands can laugh at themselves — and the Polaris RZR Razor (pronounced, “razor-razor”) is a great example.

Best of all, these razors come in all your favorite Polaris colors!

Nikwax Shred Strand Proof

nikwax shred strands

Nikwax keeps the elements from damaging your gear, so why not give that same love to your hair? You put all that work into shampooing and conditioning your hair at home (some of you, anyway); now you can keep that haircare routine going on the mountain. Nikwax Shred Strand Proof promises to keep the wet, ice, pow, and frost from damaging your locks and totally harshing your on-mountain vibe.

And it’s not just for your skull rug. Shred Strand Proof’s totally not real action also protects your snot mop, chin cushion, and brow bristles. Don’t be shy, lather it in or spray it on — heck, do both! After all, it’s all in good fun!

Watershed Chattohoochee Cat Carrier

(Photo/Watershed Drybags)

Cats are known for three things: 1) An inconceivable sense of entitlement; 2) an inexplicable fascination with shoving your stuff off the nearest available ledge; and 3) a complete, unwavering disdain for being wet.

While Watershed Drybags can’t do anything about those first two points, the brand put its keep-stuff-dry expertise to bear with the Chattohoochee Cat Carrier. No longer will you have to choose between shooting a thrilling Class-V rapids and sitting in a patch of sun, petting your cat just-the-right-amount-but-not-too-much-otherwise-HISS!

That Chattohoochee offers a durable, waterproof compartment with “strategically placed air holes” and a panorama viewing window so Felix can really experience the life aquatic — with nary a drop to ruin the good time.

Old Man Mountain x North St. Bags: Hike-a-Bike

april fools hike-a-bike old man mountain north st bags
(Photo/Old Man Mountain)

When the trail is just too tough, it’s time to dig deep and strut your stuff — literally. Shoulder your saddlebags and strap on your bike, cuz you’re walking!

Old Man Mountain and North St. Bags teamed up for this creative spoof, although I have to say, as someone who’s hiked his fair share of bikes, a product like this would have come in handy a number of times (especially with an unexpected flat). Old Man Mountain claims the idea for a hike-a-bike system has been in the works for 3 years, dating back to a harrowing attempt at biking the 739-mile Arizona Trail.

“Luckily they had an excellent framework of products to borrow from,” the brand said in a spoof press release. “Their panniers, racks, and thru axle mounting Fit Kits provided them with nearly everything they needed while also being dual use throughout the rest of the route where hiking isn’t necessary.”

The result is a mashup of the brand’s Divide Rack, Ponderosa Panniers, and some stout North St. Bags. This getup would allow riders to shoulder up the bags, hook on the fork, and tow their bike through (or up) the gnarliest terrain.

Fleet Feet Scented Candles

april fools fleet feet candles
(Photo/Fleet Feet)

What does victory smell like? Well, wonder no more! All-things-running retailer Fleet Feet unveils an exclusive line of scented candles — so you can enjoy the olfactory bliss of race day from the comfort of your couch.

Scents include Turkey Trot, Finish Line, Race Day Jitters, and the limited-edition Scent of a Champion — designed in conjunction with Boston Marathon champion and U.S. Olympian Desiree Linden. Immerse yourself in the smells we all love about running: fresh morning dew; hot, steamy port-o-john; and ethically replicated sweat droplets.

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