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‘The More You Move, the More You Hear’: Clif Bar Releases Motion-Activated Music

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Through ‘Remix in Motion,’ Clif Bar and multiplatinum musician Mike Posner are teaming up to raise money for social justice. And they want you to join in on the movement — quite literally.

In case your Latin is as bad as ours, “amor fati” translates to “love of fate,” or the welcoming of life’s experiences.

But it’s also the title of a new song by musician and budding mountaineer Mike Posner. And now it’s the motto behind his latest work with Clif Bar. Confused about what a nutrition company and a musician have in common?

Today, Clif Bar and Posner collaborate to launch Remix in Motion. This experimental, app-based platform is, according to the folks at Clif, “a listening experience [that] enables users to unlock the world through physical movement.”

In short: You can unlock exclusive music by logging more activity. Here’s how it works.

‘Remix in Motion’ by Clif Bar and Mike Posner

Clif Bar and Mike Posner collaborate on the Remix in Motion app

The program, available exclusively at CLIFRemixinMotion.com, pairs with the motion-detecting accelerometers in listeners’ smartphones.

“The more you move, the more music you hear … whether it’s dancing with friends, going for a daily run … any movement makes a difference,” Clif said.

Remix in Motion is the product of Posner’s recent ascent of Mount Everest. The artist didn’t set his sights on the 29,000-foot Everest simply for personal esteem. He used the feat to raise funds for the Detroit Justice Center (DJC), a nonprofit law firm.

Since 2017, the DJC has focused on legal reform as well as improving job access and civil rights equity. Notably, Posner’s summit trek raised over $250,000 for the DJC.


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The song-slinger’s latest work with Clif is an extension of that initiative. Proceeds from Remix in Motion will still go toward the DJC, but the project isn’t limited to the movement of one guy. Anyone with a smartphone in their pocket can lend a hand by shakin’ a tailfeather.

“With Remix in Motion, we are helping people find physical movement when live music experiences are limited, and at the same time, fueling collective social movements,” Posner said. “When we move, the world moves with us.”

Alternative Movements

Clif and Posner partner on Remix in Motion movement-based app and fundraiser

This effort isn’t the first time the energy bar-maker has ventured outside the wrapper and into other wellness-driven circles. In 2017, Clif Bar & Company retro-engineered 12 stationary bikes with generators that spun pedal power into usable electricity for its Emeryville, Calif., office.

And in May, Clif Bar & Company announced its “Let’s Move the World” campaign, aimed at getting more bodies moving more often. From street dancing to pick-up b-ball, kickboxing to weight lifting, the company is busy figuring out the best ways to drive healthy activity through media.

To see what this new “love of fate” movement is all about, sign up at CLIFRemixInMotion. Learn more about Posner’s work for the Detroit Justice Center at MikePosner.com, and follow @mikeposner on Instagram.

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