GJ Week In Review: Patagonia Workwear, K2 Summit, $20 Socks

A recap of top stories for the week of July 30 – August 5, 2017.


1) First American Woman Summits K2

Vanessa O’Brien became the first American woman to summit one of the world’s deadliest mountains, K2, on July 28th.

2) Monday Bargains: Three Steals To Start Your Week

Great outdoor gear at an amazing price: That’s our goal each Monday. Check out the bargains from Deuter, Jansport, and Garmin, and save on gear for your next adventure.

3) Open Letter To Utah: Thank You For Having Us

The GearJunkie crew returns from Utah this week after attending Outdoor Retailer. It’s the trade show’s last hurrah here, and we could not have asked for a better host.

Photo by SoloTravelGoals

4) Switzerland Erects World’s Longest Pedestrian Bridge Near Matterhorn

Look down to see the Swiss valley plunge away nearly 300 feet below. Look up, and gaze at the Matterhorn towering over the horizon. And with over a quarter mile to walk, you’ll have plenty of time to take in both on this new bridge.

5) $20 For A Pair Of Socks?! Here’s What You Pay For

Why should I spend $20 on Smartwool socks? Valid question.

6) Grander Slam: Fly Fish Urban Waters For 162 Species

Catch & release, take a photo, and use the hashtag to document your haul. The ‘Grander Slam’ is a unique urban fly-fishing experience where diversity of fish type nets you the prize.

7) If You Can’t Tie A Knot, Get This App

With the discovery of Animated Knots by Grog, you should never tie a bad knot again.

8) Review: NEMO’s First Hammock Holds Your Beer

NEMO’s first hammock, the Cloudview, was created for those that love to lounge and be social. We review it here.

9) Easier Hauling: ‘Polymule’ Rethinks The Wheelbarrow

A team of surfers placed a floating dock off the coast of Bali for an entirely different way to drop into a six-foot swell.

Polymule wheelbarrow upgrade

10) Blue Light Special: $10 Kershaw Hotwire Tested

The Hotwire is Kershaw’s cheapest knife. We test the Walmart exclusive to see what $10 gets you.

11) Six-Minute Shoes: KEEN Robot Builds UNEEKS In-Store

Inside the ‘World’s Smallest Shoe Factory,’ two semi-autonomous robot arms weave made-to-order sandals in six minutes.

12) Screaming Deals: Gear Savings Of The Week

Our weekly column finds the best deals from across the web to save you money on outdoors gear. Check out the deals from Kuhl, Patagonia, Cabela’s, Brunton, REI, and Kuat.

13) ‘Everyman’ Rickey Gates Completes Unsupported Cross-Country Run

Across 11 states, 152 days, and 3,600 miles, Rickey Gates set out to make his extraordinary run across America as ordinary as possible.

'Everyman' Rickey Gates Completes Unsupported Cross-Country Run Transamerica

14) Hammocks, Vans, And Treehouses: Airbnb’s Hidden Gems

Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or spending top dollar, Airbnb has wild, weird, and wacky lodging geared to the outdoorsy.

15) Hiker ‘Knotts’ Binde Claims Self-Supported Appalachian Trail Record

Dan ‘Knotts’ Binde claims to have set a new self-supported Appalachian Trail speed record for the 2,190-mile route of 53 days, 22 hours, 57 minutes.

16) Watch: Grizzly And Two Cubs Follow Hiker On Alaska Trail

What’s spookier than being followed by a grizzly bear? Being followed by a grizzly momma and her two cubs.

17) Patagonia Launches Workwear In ‘Iron Forged’ Hemp Canvas

Clothing that lasts a lifetime of manual labor (and touts no break-in time)… Patagonia makes big claims with its new line of workwear.

Patagonia Workwear

18) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

Our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

19) The Most Action Packed 100 Seconds Of Mountain Biking

No electronic soundtrack, no fancy videography, just Brandon Semenuk tearing up a custom line, with awe-inspiring tricks and jumps, all packed into 100 seconds of riding.

20) Custom Sleeping Bag: Big Agnes ‘Hazel’ Review

Big Agnes introduces its newest women’s sleeping bag, the Hazel SL 15. It stands apart due to its unique “customizable” fit. We tested it in Northern Minnesota for this review.

21) Sleep With Your Bike In This Roomy Cycling Tent: Review

The Bicycle Tour Camping Tent from NSR RIding lets you store your bike inside, with plenty of room left over for quality slumber.

22) Review: Sleeping Pad With ‘Wings’ For Hammock Campers

Overnight ‘freeze-outs’ deter many from spending the whole night hammock camping. So Klymit decided to make a hammock-specific, insulated sleeping pad.

23) The Freakiest Bike Video We’ve Ever Seen

Nope. No way. Vittorio Brumotti’s ride on the edge of the Grand Canyon is white knuckle at the next level.

24) Scientists In Bear Suits Study Human Pee-Goat Link

Scientists explored how goats respond to predators by donning a bear costume and trying to spook them away from places people pee.

25) Outdoors Spending By State: Surprises From OIA Report

For example, Florida generates more than double Colorado’s total outdoors recreation spending.