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ICAST, IFTD Fishing Trade Shows Canceled for 2020

Two of the most prominent trade shows in the fishing world cancel as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the outdoor industry.

Hit hard by the impact of the spreading coronavirus, trade shows are on the chopping block. The fishing industry is no exception to this rule.

Typically held in Orlando, Florida, the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) is a boon for the sportfishing industry each year. It brings brands, retailers, media, manufacturers, influencers, and more together to go through the latest and greatest in fishing gear.

And obviously, big crowds are a no-no for the foreseeable near future. So the July event will instead host a virtual show to protect attendees and continue the overall effort to promote innovation in the sportfishing world.

“Join product experts, manufacturing sales teams, and other industry professionals to see and learn about the latest products in the fishing industry from your home or office,” notes the ICAST website of the virtual show.

Attendees will still vote for innovative products for awards. And many other virtual events will also take place.

IFTD Show Postponed

Formerly a part of ICAST, the International Fly Trade Dealer (IFTD) show moved to Denver in October 2019 to stand on its own.

An extension of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association(AFFTA), the IFTD is being postponed until 2021 for myriad reasons, including considering both the long-term consequences of the virus and the cost of travel and lodging for hard-hit sectors of the fly fishing world.

The AFFTA is considering solutions to keep the industry abreast of what’s new and changing. And, they currently have a COVID-19 resource page available for fly fishing businesses affected by the pandemic.

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