Life Time Cuts Water Bottle Use

Life Time Drops Big Goal to Save 1.6 Million Plastic Bottles Annually

Growing fitness and health mogul Life Time takes a stand for sustainability at its locations.

Life Time is doubling down on its resistance against single-use plastics with a simple change at its health clubs. Today, the brand announced that it will eliminate plastic water bottles at its over 150 locations in North America — all by September of this year.

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The company, which has an exact goal of Labor Day, estimates the measure will save 1.6 million bottles annually. Aluminum bottles with Life Time-branded natural alkaline spring water will take the plastic bottles’ place.

The move is part of its broader sustainability initiative, which focuses on reducing single-use plastics. Life Time claims it’s already kept more than 45 million plastic water bottles out of the environment with water bottle filling stations in its clubs.

“Environmental stewardship is something we’re deeply focused on at Life Time in keeping with our healthy people, healthy planet, healthy way of life philosophy,” said Life Time CEO and Founder Bahram Akradi. “As part of this journey, we’ll continue eliminating single-use plastics from our destinations, while remaining focused on energy use reduction.”

The Plan to Drop Single-Use Plastics

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Phasing out plastic water bottles at its facilities headlines Life Time’s new sustainability initiative, but it’s not the goal.

Additionally, Life Time will use recycled plastic bags for swimsuits in locker rooms, replace plastic mouthwash cups with paper ones, swap plastic swabs with cotton variants, and implement compostable containers and cutlery in its LifeCafes. 

The initiative also updates its 5-year sustainability plan, set for completion in April 2026:

  • Reducing gas and electric consumption by 20%
  • Reducing water consumption by 40%
  • Source locally grown produce and protein for LifeCafe locations
  • Further reduce plastics usage across all locations
  • Double the number of healthy lunches served to students via the Life Time Foundation
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Why Cutting Plastic Bottles Matters for Life Time

According to data from the EPA, the brand’s decision to replace plastic water bottles with aluminum will help its sustainability profile from a recycling standpoint (aluminum is infinitely recyclable).

The EPA reports that in the United States, the vast majority of plastic ends up unrecycled (more than 90%). Conversely, more than half of aluminum drink containers do get recycled.

With its new commitments to reduce plastics and energy use, Life Time is making a statement, and making those changes almost immediately. Learn more about Life Time’s sustainability initiatives.

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