Porn Fights Plastic Pollution? ‘Dirtiest’ Film Ever Aims to Clean Ocean

The battle against plastic ocean pollution just got an unexpected ally with ‘global reach spanning all demographics.’ Pornhub.

Somewhere in the Caribbean, one of the world’s largest porn sites filmed an adult movie on ‘one of the most polluted beaches in the world.’ And it will donate (an unknown amount) to the cleanup effort for every view.

The world’s ocean garbage crisis has spurred numerous innovative cleanup efforts. From Kickstarter-famous reusable straws to jackets, duffels, hammocks, and insulation made from recycled plastic bottles, the outdoor industry has found numerous ways to help the cause.

And now, the porn industry has joined the fight. Yesterday, one of the world’s largest aggregators of online pornography, Pornhub, released a (not safe for work) teaser video for its latest production, “The Dirtiest Porn Ever.”

Pornhub says it shot the film on one of the world’s dirtiest beaches, an (extremely) explicit nod to the issue of plastic in the ocean. Not only does the film aim to create awareness, but for every view, Pornhub will donate to Ocean Polymers, an English company that collects ocean plastic to use for fuel.

“The mass consumption of single-use plastic has become so common that we often don’t realize how much of it winds up on our beaches and in our oceans, endangering the lives of thousands of species,” Pornhub said on its site. “We need to change our ways and stop trashing these pieces of heaven on Earth.”

Pornhub Launches ‘Dirtiest Porn Ever’ to Clean Ocean Plastic

Obviously, this film is not for everyone. But cleanup efforts should be. According to the Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean every year on top of the 150 million metric tons already circulating in the seas.

In addition to brands using recycled plastic textiles as noted above, outdoor companies like 4Ocean — which has removed more than 6 million pounds of ocean plastic since it began selling recycled plastic bracelets in 2017 — base their entire business model on cleaning up ocean plastic.

But it’s a drop in the bucket, or ocean, compared to the problem. So more businesses and industries will need to contribute to help address the issue. Regardless of how you feel about pornography, its reach and audience are massive.

“The initiative and support from Pornhub is inspired and appreciated,” Heather Wigglesworth, executive director at Ocean Polymers, told Muse by Clio.

“We are all part of the problem and must work together to find solutions. This is a brand with significant global reach spanning all demographics, so it is a very effective platform to raise awareness and support for the crisis we face in our oceans today. It would be great to see more companies of this size and stature taking the same responsibility with the audience they engage.”

Pornhub Cares, the video conglomerate’s charitable arm, has done two other campaigns for the environment. One campaign aimed to plant trees, and another donated money to organizations for honeybee research and preservation.

Information on the project can be found here. (The link does take you to Pornhub’s website, but the landing page does not contain nudity or sexual content.) Check out Ocean Polymers’ fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for a less dirty way to contribute to the cause.

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