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Could This Octagon ‘Chest Box’ Improve Fly Fishing?

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If you’ve ever gone fly fishing you probably know that fumbling with a disorganized pack can take away from valuable time spent casting.

Copper Creek, a small fly fishing company based out of Ogden, Utah, hopes to make the angler’s life more organized with a new product launched on the crowd-sourcing platform Kickstarter.

The SimpliFLY keeps gear compact and organized

Called the SimpliFLY, this compact octagon-shape tackle box attaches to a shoulder harness system so the angler can have easy access to any tools and gear needed throughout the day.

While there are other packs like this on the market, the brand claims that its design is the smallest and lightest. The device weighs 1 pound, 1 ounce.

Gear and tools are compartmentalized and easily accessible

It comes with three retractable “zingers,” one attached to a pair of hemostats to unhook fish, one for a pair of nippers for cutting line, and the third with an O-ring so you can attach a favorite tool.

The line feed through these holes at the top of the box

It also has a patent-pending tippet dispenser design so an angler can have different tippets ready to use without them rotating together when unspooled.

The SimpliFLY is in fund-raising mode now on Kickstater and still has a ways to go before making its goal.

The device will be avaialbe for $70 when it hits the market.

—Amy Oberbroeckling is an assistant editor at GearJunkie.com

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