Subaru Re-Foresting Project will replant 500k additional trees by 2022; (photo/AIS via Shutterstock)
(Photo/AIS, Shutterstock)

Re-Forester: Subaru Pledges 1 Million Trees to Aid Wildfire Recovery

After 2 years of successful forest fire recovery efforts in California, Subaru will grow its Re-Foresting Project in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington state. The initiative aims to double the number of trees planted by 2022.

Subaru of America, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), will expand its existing Re-Foresting Project from California to three neighboring states — Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

The Re-Foresting Project targets national forests devastated by recent wildfires.

Subaru Re-Foresting Pledge

USFS Ranger reforests deciduous trees; (photo/Jacob Lund via Shutterstock)
(Photo/Jacob Lund, Shutterstock)

The pledge, which Subaru officially announced on Nov. 1, will support the planting of 500,000 trees across the upper Pacific Northwest and Idaho by 2022. Subaru and the NFF have relied upon U.S. Forest Service professionals to ensure that all planting follows the best forest recovery practices.

In the Nov. 1 announcement, Subaru of America’s president and CEO, Thomas J. Doll, stated:

Following the devastation wrought by wildfires in California, we launched the Subaru Re-Foresting Project in 2019 as a way to help rebuild the lives of the animals and people who call the area home, and we are now expanding that commitment … we hope that the expansion of replanting trees in more states contributes to the revitalization of the precious resources that are our public lands and national forests.

Re-Foresting’s Roots

Subaru and the NFF founded the Forester Re-Foresting Project back in 2019 as a means of remedying California’s deleterious wildfires. Since that time, the U.S. Forest Service has successfully provided and planted 500,000 native trees throughout the Golden State’s public lands and national forests.

Loves Earth Program

“We are thrilled to expand our reforestation partnership with Subaru,” said NFF’s president and CEO, Mary Mitsos. “Through this donation, they are putting their initiatives to protect our environment for future generations into action.”

The Subaru Re-Foresting Project is one of several initiatives under the “Subaru Loves the Earth” umbrella. To learn more about Subaru Loves the Earth and how to support the program, visit

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