No-Nose Bike Seat, Spring Sandals, Ski Heroes: GearJunkie Week In Review

A recap of top stories for the past week, May 8 – 14, 2016.

WIR 5-14

1) Five Hammocks So Bizarre They’re Awesome

The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, and now – The Hammock Age. Check out these crazy leaps in hammock technology.

2) Two Months In The Desert: ‘Ace And The Desert Dog’

Sixty years old, Ace Kvale set out on a 60-day wilderness trek with his dog.

3) Fantastical Bicycle Sketches Rendered Real Designer

Gianluca Gimini approached friends and strangers with pen, paper, and a challenge: Draw a bicycle from memory.

Gianluca Gimini - Velocipedia 1200 HORIZONTAL GALLERIES (7)

4) A Better Bike Seat? Two Arms, No Nose

Is there finally a comfortable bike seat? We tested the ‘no-nose’ ISM saddle to see if it’s possible.

5) Excerpt: Hitler’s Nuclear Ambitions Thwarted By Skiers

Nine Norwegian operatives skied cross-country to sabotage Hitler’s attempt to create a nuclear bomb, and now their story has been told.

6) Group To Bike Across America, And You’re Invited

A ‘free’ bike tour across the United States? This is your chance.

7) Gear To Survive ‘Ice-Out’ In The Wild

As the ice melts in the Boundary Waters, explorers face challenging conditions while traveling a mixture of ice and open water.

image1 (3)

8) Review: Foot-Supporting Sandals From Superfeet

Superfeet is a leader of insole technology, so these supportive, primo flip-flops are a natural extension for the brand. We put them through their paces.

9) #Travelgram Envy: 7 Instagrams To Inspire Adventure

Check out these seven talented photographers on Instagram for a dose of virtual wanderlust.

10) Back To Basics: Making A Rug From Tree Bark

Sometimes the basics are the most extreme – watch this guy weave tree bark into a floor covering using stone tools and a ‘home’-made loom.

11) Women Are On The Rise In The Climbing World

History Made: American Alpine Club inducts 31-year-old woman into Hall of Excellence.

Libby Sauter (2)

12) Energy Food: ‘Yumbutter’ Is Delectable Outdoors Fuel

With 1,000+ calories in each (yummy) dose, these squeeze-to-eat packets are a portable meal replacement and a great alternative to energy gel or bars.

13) Twenty Ways To Hate Running Less

Hate Running? Reddit has some advice on how to hate it just a bit less, maybe even like it.

14) Restoration Of Fireman’s Axe Is So Pleasant To Watch

Watch as a craftsman restores an old fireman’s axe head to gleaming beauty.

15) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

Our new column offers a peek at emerging products, culled from crowd-source sites, PR campaigns, and industry scoops on the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Swiss Barefoot Dyneema Socks

16) Protective ‘Dynamic Offset’ In Pearl Izumi Trail Runner

The Pearl Izumi Trail N3 is a trail running shoe for those who want significant protection under foot, a smooth gait, and traction for hard to modestly soft trail surfaces.

17) The Double Hammock We’ve Been Waiting For

Tentsile’s design is a new take on the hammock made for two.

18) What Does Your Eyewear Say About You?

Are you an economizer, a wayfarer, or maybe a Hemingway? Just look in the mirrored lenses!

19) Powerful Lantern Lights Up As You Approach

The BioLite BaseLantern comes with an app to offer camp-lighting control via a phone and can turn itself on as you approach.


20) Quit Your Job: Bike Shop Owners Became ‘Career Adventurers’

Sarah and Tom Swallow shuttered the doors on their bike shop to pursue the adventure of a lifetime – here’s how they did it.

21) What It Takes: Krystle Wright Adventure Photographer

Adventure photography, it turns out, is not for the faint of heart.

22) Tentmaker ‘SlingFin’ Among First To Tap Crowdfunding Law Change

New laws go into effect on May 16 that could help gear junkies take ownership in sweet startups.


23) Thirty Young Adventure Leaders You Need To Know

30 of the outdoor industry’s most promising young talents are recognized for their achievements with a new ’30-under-30′ award. These are the names you should know.

24) ‘Muggle’ Skydivers Play Quidditch Match In Freefall

Six highly skilled Colombian skydivers took to the skies with nine rings, a wealth of broomsticks, and a funny shaped ball to play the famous game from Harry Potter.

25) ‘Chopper’ Knife Shootout: Three Big Survival Blades Reviewed

Which is the best survival knife? We put three high carbon ‘choppers’ to the test head to head to find out which is the best.

26) Recovered! A Bike Thief Is Confronted While The Camera Rolls

A bike messenger tracks down, and recovers a stolen bike in San Francisco.