Toilet Seats To Terror Threats… Sochi Olympics, Here We Go!

Is the endless parade of dueling toilets about to end?

Upside-down toilet seats. Terror concerns. Unfinished hotel rooms… All the predictions, conspiracies, and silliness was finally shoved in the back seat and the athletes took the helm of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

Did you see Hannah Kearney on Moguls? That woman rips!

“It didn’t feel like the Olympics until I was standing at the top watching Eliza at the gate and I took a second and looked at our Olympic bibs. Then it hit me that we’re here,” she said.

Then it hit me that we’re here.

Thumbs-up from Hannah Kearney

With the first competition yesterday and the opening ceremonies today, the focus has shifted from the bidding and bureaucracy to the athletes. We hope it stays there.

We’ve been watching the gear and athletes of the Games for the last few weeks in our Olympic Channel and will continue to hunt for stories about the athletes and their equipment as the Olympics roll through February 23rd.

Check out our posts for insight on the equipment, uniforms, and the athletes. We’ve included a quick link to our past articles below.

Let the Games begin! —Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy

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